The upcoming controversial "Joker" is not going to be your average superhero film, which lands in theaters each year. Theaters like Alamo Drafthouse are making sure families realize this is not going to be a family-friendly flick. This led them to issue a warning to customers, that the film is dark and gritty in nature. In contrast to earlier Joker and Batman based films, the film has been slapped with an R rating. Some R-rated films earn the rating due to graphic violence or drug use. Drafthouse stressed that "Joker" features graphic violence and "bad vibes."

Drafthouse says "Joker" is rated R for good reasons.

They warn families the film is rated R because of its language, brutal violence, and bad vibes. The film takes a much darker tone, telling the story of one man's turn into evil. Alamo Drafthouse says its not for kids and they wouldn't like it because there's no Batman.

R-rated comic book films began to become popular during the 80s and 90s

R-rated superhero films began to gain popularity during the 80s and 90s with hits like "Blade" and "The Punisher." The films entered theatres every month but didn't draw in the crowds like today's films. Similar films like "Punisher: War Zone," was released into theaters, but managed to slip under the radar, despite keeping to its source material.

2016 saw a rise in adult-driven superhero films, thanks to the popularity and success of "Deadpool." "Deadpool" earned an R rating for its crude humor and graphic violence.

"Deadpool" saw major success, becoming one of the biggest films of the year. The comedic tone made the violence more like a cartoon than actual violence.

'Joker' director Todd Phillips not intending to push buttons

Critics note that "Joker" has a much gritty and realistic tone. "Joker" director Todd Phillips rejected the notion that the film would glorify what is shown on the screen.

Phillips spoke to TheWrap and said he made the film because he wanted to make a "real movie with a real budget," and then they ended up with "Joker."

Alamo Drafthouse is taking security precautions for the release of "Joker" during the opening weekend, because of the concern that the film could inspire acts of violence. They are adding additional security personnel to their theaters.

Other theaters are taking similar measures as well. In New York, the New York Police Department will be deploying undercover officers to local theaters.

"Joker" has become the most controversial film of the year. The movie earned high praise when it debuted at the Venice Film Festival and won the top prize. The reviews have been mostly positive, with a 75 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.