Rumor has it that Laura Jallali and Aladin Jallali are no longer together. Judging from the claims of Laura's ex-husband, the two "90 Day Fiancé’" stars have divorced and Laura is no longer living in the United States. Reports are suggesting she was deported from the US. Recently, Laura lamented her decision, of relocating to Qatar so she could live with Aladin, regarding it as the riskiest decision she ever made.

Aladin and Laura Jallali’s divorce rumors

Aladin and Laura initially met on Facebook. Afterward, they arranged a meet up which resulted in marriage nine years later.

After a while, Laura started feeling insecure, unable to trust her husband fully. The couple’s age difference posed a challenge to their once happy relationship.

Word on the street is that the two are already divorced. The speculation was initiated by Laura’s former ex-husband who took to Facebook to spill the beans. He defended Liam, their son, before revealing that Aladin and Laura Jallali had parted ways. Later, his Facebook post was shared on Instagram by John Yates, who now revealed the news to most "90 Day Fiancé" fans. To date, details about their divorce are still unclear, so are her former ex- husband’s allegations.

Blame Game

After splitting, Aladin and Laura are no longer on good terms.

Laura has started spreading rumors, hurling several insults at Aladin. In her recent post, she claimed Aladin was gay and had only used her to fool his parents that he was not into men. It is not clear whether her allegations have any sense of truth. Perhaps she is just bitter following her divorce with Aladin.

According to Cheat Sheet, lately, Laura Jallali has been spotted having fun in Ecuador with Evelin Villegas.

However, her trip to Ecuador has been met with various reactions. At first, fans thought Laura was just out partying hoping to get over her broken marriage with Aladin, but there seems to be more it than meets the eye.

Andre Leila, Liam’s father, seems to be giving Laura sleepless nights. After breaking the news about Laura and Aladin’s divorce, he now claims his ex-wife was sent parking from the United States, on the grounds of working illegally in Florida just before she left for Qatar.

Some fans have weighed in on the news, suspecting Laura might have traveled to Qatar in the wake of her deportation.

If indeed Laura’s previous ex-husband is right, she cannot come back to the US, which explains her move to Ecuador. Honestly speaking, she does not seem to fancy a return to Canada, her home. Meanwhile, fans are eagerly waiting to know if all of this speculation surrounding Laura can produce some truth.