"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 arrives in November on TLC and one of the men they feature is the South African, Syngin Colchester. Syngin and Tania happened unexpectedly when Tania went to South Africa to meet another man she dated online. Your Tango reminds us that it never worked out, but she met Syngin and a whole new relationship blossomed. Now, it looks like before heading to the USA Syngin traveled to other places in the world. And, one of those places, Thailand, means he and David Toborowsky have a common interest.

Syngin from the new season of '90 Day Fiance' discovers shared David Toborowsky interest

David Toborowsky first appeared in season 5 of the show. Later, we saw them in "Happily Ever After?" Then, things were not going too well for the couple. Annie from Thailand hated it that they needed a new home after they fell out with friends. She complained that David really needed to get up and do something about the fact they ended up living above a storage unit. Things improved a lot since then, and today they feature on "90 Day Fiance's" spinoff, "Pillow Talk."

Much of season 5, we saw David across in Thailand, where he struggled to find the dowry for Annie's parents. We noticed that David simply fell in love with the country as well as with Annie.

And now he discovered that newcomer Syngin also likes Thailand. It seems they've got something to chat about next time they get the opportunity. The connection between the two men came after Syngin shared a photo and a bit of info about his time in Thailand.

Thailand photo shared by Syngin of '90 day Fiance' Season 7

On his Instagram this weekend, Syngin shared a photo of himself at a place in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

He said in the caption, "Just fooling around a pick from thailand..it was my first trip out of africa." David Toborowsy, who follows the newcomer to the "90 Day Fiance" franchise replied, saying, "My favorite place in the world." Then he asked Syngin to tell him more about his time in Thailand. Plus, he reminded him that Annie used to "live across from Laos." And, in fact, he lived "not far from Ayutthaya."

It seems Syngin spent quite a long time in Thailand on that first trip outside of South Africa.

He told David, "I was in sihku doing permuculter (sic) and was on koh Phangan island and then to loas vang vieng awesome trip." So, David hopes that one day, when they can travel, he and Syngin and Annie can get together and share some memories. Well, most of the "90 Day Fiance" stars end up at one stage or another accepting the helping hand of friendship from David, so hopefully, they can do that one day.

Interesting hashtags give some insight into Syngin Colchester

The hashtags that Syngin used seem quite revealing into the type of person he is. These included, "#thailand #90dayfiance #asia #travel, #lovelife #photography and #naturephotography." Photography's obviously one of his loves, as are travel and nature.

Hopefully his American girl Tania from Connecticut's into that as well.

What do you think about the fact that Syngin's already well-traveled and that he and David Toborowsky share a common interest in Thailand? It's rather nice to think they could become friends in time.

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