"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's" full of accusations and slanging matches on Instagram. The feud between Leida, Deavan, and Laura Jallali heats up and almost overshadows the upcoming Tell-All. In the midst of this, Laura still insists she fell pregnant, and it was an ectopic pregnancy and she lost the baby. That comes after allegations by Deavan that Laura lied about being pregnant. Plenty of TLC fans have a lot to say. And, now someone who claims to be an OBGYN weighed in with their thoughts about Laura's claim. And, it seems she thinks Laura's not telling the truth.

A claim by '90 Day Fiance' fan to being an OBGYN - can't be verified

Before continuing, it should be noted by followers of the TLC show, that the claim by a fan who says they're an OBGYN can't be verified. Nevertheless, their opinion seems to indicate she disbelieves Laura. The name of the account on IG is drlibby08. Over on their private account, the profile says, she's a "PROUD OBGYN" and indicates that she might be from Kansas.

The account shows her name as Libby Anne. Well, there are some Dr. Libby people on google search results, but multitudes of them could be this person, or not. That's taking into account people with similar initials as well. So, note that despite researching this, there's no conclusive evidence proving the "90 Day Fiance" fan is an OBGYN.

So, it really can't be taken as gospel truth.

Fan talks about Laura's ectopic pregnancy on John Yates' screencap

There's so much drama going on between Leida, Deavan, and Laura, that it's almost impossible to keep up. But, thankfully, guru and blogger John Yates clips and saves what he can while scouting out the different "90 Day Fiance" accounts.

Often, members of the franchise also leak him texts and more info on what's going down. Plus, he often does live interviews with them. So, he's got a reputation for being quite reliable.

Recently, he shared yet another post showing comments. This time, one post brought up Laura again talking about her pregnancy. There have been many comments since Laura first claimed an ectopic pregnancy.

This time, the "OBGYN" reacted to the post after some "90 Day Fiance" fans agreed surgery was not always necessary for an ectopic incident.

The comment by '90 Day Fiance' Laura

Fans are unhappy that Laura seems nasty with Deavan who lost her own baby recently. Laura apparently criticized her because she allowed Leida (an alum from season 3) to babysit for the "90 Day FianceTell All." Deavan claims that Laura said she's a terrible mother for allowing that. Laura denied she said anything horrid and asked fans why they had no sympathy for her baby loss. Once again, she stands by her claim she did suffer an ectopic pregnancy.

A few fans said they caught their own ectopic pregnancies early, and it was done with some kind of medication.

Several of them noted that in their instances it worked for them. So, they felt Laura not having painful surgery could be accounted for. That's when the fan who claims to be an OBGYN chipped in what they felt about all of this.

What did the fan who claims to be an OBGYN say about '90 Day Fiance's' Laura?

In response to all the other comments on the clip by John Yates, @DrLibby said, "John, AGAIN given the various details she has given, as an OB I can say without treating her this is [an] absolute impossibility. None of her info adds up and every detail she adds only further blows up her claims. 'SOMEBODY' needs 5 point restraints and Ativan STAT!" Ouch!

What do you think about the fan who claims to be an OBGYN disbelieving Laura's claim that she had an ectopic pregnancy?

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