''90 Day Fiancé'' spoilers show that a new season is coming. TLC published a video on their official Instagram profile, showing the new couples who will participate in the reality show dedicated to love. Who will they be, and what stories will they bring? Last season was not without twists and turns. So, fans of the show expect the same. The first season aired in January 2014 and they immediately recorded a stratospheric success.

The show is in the same format which remains a winning idea. Six foreigners come to the United States to live with their partners they met online, and with whom they have established a love story.

Foreigners have a temporary visa at their disposal. Their only chance to stay and live in the US forever is to get married within 90 days, the time of validity of the permit. Drama, betrayals, unexpected discoveries, and much more have made this show a real cult. Some characters are still followed on social networks.

In previous scenes on the original ''90 Day Fiance,'' we saw a lot of drama from the likes of Ashey Martson and Jay Smith. They even returned for the spinoff “Happily Ever After?” Then there was Steven Frend and Olga, who now turn out to be happily married, even though fans thought he was selfish and self-centered when their baby arrived in Russia. So no doubt, much more of the same drama will feature again.

Spoilers for '90 Day Fiancé': a couple expecting a child

In the promo video ''90 Day Fiancé'' we see the new couples who will be part of the new season. The first is composed of a woman with curly hair and black. She toasts with a glass of champagne in the company of a red-haired man. The two of them seem happy. Then we see another couple kissing passionately at the airport, perhaps after a long and exhausting wait in their respective countries.

Then, the classic good boy knocks on the door of a beautiful woman. However, we still don't know if it's really the boyfriend of the girl.

It appears he might be just passing by, as the next man we see is the 42-year-old man from Greenwich CT mentioned on their spoilers at the end of last night's "90 Day Fiance" episode on TLC.

Another new couple consists of a breathtaking blonde with luxurious earrings and a boy with the perfect and athletic physique. She seems very proud of the original flame.

Another new couple holds an ultrasound in their hands. She is expecting a baby, and he seems excited. Finally, a blond and not very young woman cries desperately, who will it be? According to the first images in the official video released by TLC and published below, there are all the ingredients for an exciting season. As confirmed by the latest ''90 Day Fiancé'' spoilers, the first episode will be broadcast on November 3 on TLC. Stay tuned.