"90 Day Fiance" initially got a quite good response from Laura fans. Although older than Aladin Jallali, she seemed good fun, and up for a lark. She posted loads of pics of them enjoying fun in the sun in Tunisia. And, one of her most popular vids showed her parasailing over the ocean back in June. Not bad for someone in their 50s. Beach fun on ATVs, barbecues and a handsome man by her side garnered her a lot of fans. So, perhaps her #lauragate fall from grace wounded her fans more than they expected. Now in Ecuador with Evelin, some fans still wonder what it's all about.

So, here's a timeline of the rumors, leaks, and news about Laura.

TLC's '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' show ends soon, what happened with Laura?

Anyone who watches the show saw Laura put Aladin down, saying his "jiggy jig" performance was below par. After humiliating him on a TV show that screens internationally, Aladin, less than pleased, reacted angrily. In July, TV Shows Ace reported, "his pics and videos of Laura got taken down." But, Laura noted he often blocked her when she said or did silly things. However real signs of a crack between the "90 Day Fiance" couple appeared when Laura started accusing him of cheating on her with other women.

But, to offset that, later allegations came out that he prefers men.

So, it seems Laura's contradicted herself on that. Monsters and Critics noted that she could even endanger Aladin's life with that sort of accusation in a Muslim country. For someone who rigorously claims to be in love with her man, she's surely dissing him from all angles these days. I reported back in early September that rumors arose the couple got divorced.

But Laura claimed she was still married, and not only that, they had a "muffin in the oven." She since changed the text on her post.

The fatal pregnancy claim in the Laura - Aladin timeline

Claiming she was pregnant and they were happily still together turned out fatal for Laura, as fans lashed back at her. On September 19, AfterBuzz Tv reported that Laura backtracked on that, claiming an ectopic pregnancy.

"90 Days Fiance's" Aladdin denied he knew about any pregnancy, and the news outlet explained that "Laura called her decision to post about the pregnancy “stupid,” but added that’s the only way she could get to him." She was blocked at the time.

But, the next step in the timeline [VIDEO] of #lauragate involved co-star Deavan Clegg. She alleged that Laura told the rest of the "90 Day Fiance" cast that she would lie about being pregnant to "take the heat off them." Well, it certainly did that, as fans turned on Laura ferociously. Around the same time, Soap Dirt leaked that Laura got notified that Aladin wanted a divorce while filming for the Tell All.

They reported, "A source inside production even told Soap Dirt that Aladin Jallali asks for a divorce during the Tell-All."

Laura joins '90 Day Fiance's' Evelin in Ecuador

Rumors arose in late September that Laura got deported from the USA as she was previously living there illegally. That leak came via Reddit from an ex-husband's Facebook post. So, multiple outlets reported she went to Ecuador to stay with Evelin. Evelin and Laura did a vid together there and they both seem to be enjoying partying as singles these days.

In fact, this weekend, Evelin shared some photos and vids of her enjoying yet another party, and in the second photo, we see Laura standing in the background. So, she's still there, and, what's more, weighing in on Corey meeting Larissa for a get-together in Las Vegas.

As one fan said on the 90dayfiancenews IG account, "Evelin could take on all the 90 Day cray crays like Karine and Angela."

Another claim by '90 Day Fiance's' Laura about Aladin

Leaks came so fast, that it's rather hard to fit them in the timeline of #lauragate. Recent leaks include claims that Aladin beat her up. A photo of her emerged with what looked like a feeble attempt to look like she had a black eye with makeup. This time, Soap Dirt reported, "it looks like Laura has a black eye but domestic abuse victims and some medical professionals doubt it’s legit."

What do you think about this fast fall from grace by Laura? Are you surprised that the fast timeline of the disintegration earned the hashtag #lauragate?

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