"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" fans avidly follow Aladin and many of them because they're "thirsty" for him. But, Laura took to her Instagram to let the world know they can stay thirsty as they never divorced. Not only that, but she and Aladin have a muffin in the oven, So, it looks like divorce rumors are now squashed.

Laura cooking a bun in the oven - '90 Day Fiance'

Laura's been picked out before for posting photos that look current but are old. But, she just shared a picture of her and Aladin and made the great announcement that they are expecting a baby.

We noted back in mid-August that she'd done that, and fans were skeptical. The photo. got taken down pretty quickly, and fans assumed the divorce was real. She also took the opportunity to tell off those fans "thirsty" for her man. And there were plenty of those after rumors of a divorce. Actually, fans came out openly, asking Aladin if he's free.

The story about the divorce started after Aladdin took down all the photos of Laura on his Instagram. Although he'd also previously blocked the "90 Day Fiance" star from time to time, this time fans thought the split really came about. That's because she'd just outed him for his alleged poor performance between the sheets. In a shocking move, she announced it to the world of international television where people across the world can watch TLC.

Actually, in the pic she shared, Aladin's making a sign with his hands that could indicate he's laughing at his manly size.

Aladin and Laura still together - no divorce in '90 Day Fiance' heaven

According to her post late Saturday night, the couple, still very much in love, only took down photos because of all the hate she got.

She said, "he got sick and tired of you all putting me down!" And, yeah a lot of that went her way. Many "90 Day Fiance" fans hated that she's 51 and Aladin's young, looks great and holds down a good job. Now, we all know there could be some sort of spin on the other thing that Laura said. She noted, "And btw we have a muffin in the oven!" Well, that's easy to interpret, but actually they literally could have real edible muffins in the oven.

However, such a huge announcement certainly seems to carry some weight. The couple, much like Angela Deem and Michael on "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days," discussed the potential of children. As fans know, Laura got spotted stateside recently. While that racked up the divorce rumors a bit more, maybe she went for fertility treatment or something similar. It's not impossible to fall pregnant over 50 these days, after all.

Happy Laura insists the '90 Day Fiance' couple remain together

Obviously, with Laura saying she and Aladin remain together, fans turn their speculation towards a scripted ploy by TLC to rack up more ratings. But claiming pregnancy, if that's what we can interpret a "muffin in the oven" to be, is a step along even for them.

What do you think about Laura announcing that they're not only married but love each other deeply? Do you believe she and Aladin really are expecting a 'muffin in the oven?' Or, are you a disappointed 'thirsty fan?'

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