Fans of TLC’s "90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way" have been following one of the most dramatic storylines this season. Laura and Aladin had a healthy relationship at the beginning of the show. The couple even held a traditional wedding in Tunisia and shared an apartment in Qatar. However, the relationship has since broken down and the couple has allegedly filed for a divorce. Since the show wrapped up filming, the two reality stars have been trading accusations with each other on social media. Laura, in particular, has been very active on Instagram and has revealed a lot about the couple’s now dysfunctional relationship.

Laura's pregnancy

According to Moms, the 51-year old had earlier announced on social media that she was pregnant. She claimed that Aladin was responsible for the pregnancy. After sometime, she announced that she was no longer pregnant. Fans were even more perplexed when Aladin denied being responsible for the alleged pregnancy. He joked on social media that the father to the baby was a ‘toy’ and not him. Laura has insisted the pregnancy was legitimate and has given more details about what transpired.

While messaging with a fan on Instagram, Laura said that she had conceived. However, the pregnancy turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. The 51-year-old was not able to keep the pregnancy and had to have it removed.

She admitted that she posted the news on social media to get Aladin’s attention. The 29-year-old had blocked her on his social media platforms at the time. Laura said he left her no option but to post the news on her Instagram. She told the fan that she was unhappy about losing the baby and felt as if she had lost everything in life all at once.

Despite the feeling, "90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way" star wanted to reach out to Aladin and tell him that they had almost made a baby.

Laura also hosted a live Q&A with fans and stuck to the story. She said that her “baby factory” was in good condition and she was yet to hit menopause. Fans will be interested to see if Aladin and Laura can salvage their relationship.

Apart from the pregnancy, Laura has accused her soon to be ex-husband of being gay. She has gone into details about their sexual life and revealed that Aladin was not too excited about women when they were together. The 51-year-old even accused him of using her as cover to prove to his family that he was straight. Aladin vehemently denied the allegations on Instagram. He responded to a fan who brought up the accusations on social media by saying that he was 100-percent heterosexual. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, post your comments in the comment section. We keep you updated on "90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way."