The latest ''General Hospital'' rumors reveal that Morgan Corinthos may be returning in ''GH." Bryan Craig, the beloved actor who lent him his face, will no longer participate in the prime-time ''Grand Hotel'' show. According to Soap Dirt, actor may have decided to return to the cast of the soap opera set in Port Charles. As the most loyal fans of the soap opera will know, Morgan Corinthos was killed. It's certainly not uncommon for some characters in the soaps to suddenly return from the Kingdom of the Dead. If that were true, Sonny and Carly would be thrilled and very happy.

Bryan Craig could return as Morgan Corinthos

The rumors, unveiled by Soap Dirt, about Morgan's return to ''General Hospital'' are making soap fans dream. Of course, it would be good news for Carly who, as we know, is struggling with her difficult pregnancy. The doctors did not give her any hope, confirming that the child she was expecting was suffering from Spina bifida.

The prime-time show ''Grand Hotel'' on ABC, in which Bryan Craig participated, will not return after the first season. Although it was quite successful, the ''Grand Hotel'' was canceled. A possible return to Port Charles for Morgan Corinthos will certainly give fans something to hope for. His return would also cheer Josslyn, still shaken by the death of Oscar Nero.

Possible return to 'General Hospital' for Morgan

Carly's baby will be born with severe disabilities and it is not excluded that she may need a transplant. At that point Morgan, having the same genetic heritage, could be an excellent donor, starting a new storyline very interesting. As Soap Dirt writes, the possible return of Morgan Corinthos to ''General Hospital'' could come during the Christmas holidays, the time of year when everyone dreams and where some desires come true.

It is no mystery that the Corinthos family has been very unlucky during these years. Morgan would represent new hope and a new beginning regarding Wiley's plot.

The following weeks

In the meantime, arrive the previews of the episodes of the ''General Hospital'' from 7 to 18 October. Lulu will be undecided whether to reveal the truth to Nina, as she knows that Sasha lied.

Meanwhile, Sonny will return to the city, while Spinelli will make a very interesting discovery. Curtis will receive comfort from Jordan after Sam has been arrested on charges of killing Shiloh. Josslyn may decide to move in with Jasper.

Other weekly ''General Hospital'' rumors reveal that Sam will receive Jason's visit, who has a plan to release her. Nina will be shocked by news about the storyline of Valentin and Sasha. Another rather heated clash will have Kim and Elizabeth as protagonists. The reason for the discord will obviously be Franco. Liz will be very angry with Kim, convinced that she is taking advantage of her husband. Peter will meet a woman with a mysterious past. Finally, in ''General Hospital'' weekly episodes Dev will try to get closer to Josslyn who, however, will prefer to be alone, still too shaken by Oscar's death.