"90 Day Fiance" reality star Larissa Dos Santos has been through some tough relationships in the past. Fans have followed her messy divorce with ex-husband Colt Johnson. The Brazilian reality star moved on and started dating Eric Nichols. That relationship did not last long. They broke up last month after dating for around eight months. However, Larissa seems to have gotten back to the dating scene. She revealed on social media that she has a new man in her life.

Met someone special

According to Yahoo, Larissa recently hosted a Q&A with fans on Instagram.

The reality star surprised fans by revealing that she had met someone special. Larissa said that she is currently dating but refused to give the identity of her new man. She, however, discussed the qualities she has been looking for since she became single again. The Brazilian said that she would like a family-oriented man in her next relationship. Asked if she would appear on "90 Day Fiancé" with her new suitor, Larissa said she did not have such plans but did not rule out the idea. The reality star was also asked by fans to give her pick on who she thought was the hottest guy on the show. In a suggestive response, Larissa said her boyfriend would be the cutest man on the show.

Larissa’s past relationships

The Brazilian broke up with her last relationship, Eric Nichols, last month. The break up was not all smooth, as she had to involve the police. She accused Eric of harassing her and her best friend Carey. The couple had dated for eight months but Larissa broke off the relationship saying that she had to focus on herself.

After the breakup, she moved in with her friend Carey. Eric sent threatening messages to Carey. Larissa’s friend talked about the messages on social media. She accused Eric of treating her friend badly during their relationship and asked him to stop sending the messages or she would take legal action.

Colt and Larissa relationship

To complicate matters, Eric hung out with Larissa’s ex-husband Colt Johnson after the breakup. Colt and Larissa went through a messy divorce in April. The couple had engaged in a brawl in January which led to Larissa’s arrest. Police said that she was the primary aggressor in the brawl and initiated the conflict. Since their separation, Colt has a new girlfriend. However, his love-hate relationship with Larissa continues. The reality star recently posted a picture on Instagram making fun of Colt’s new girlfriend. Colt and his new flame will be featured in the TLC spinoff "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After." Larissa appears to be mocking her ex-husbands' new girlfriend. Fans will hope the reality star can get back on screen with her new boyfriend to see how he compares to Colt. Meanwhile, according to EOnline, the new season of the show will start on November 3.