"90 Day Fiance" fans love Jihoon. In fact, "The Other Way" couple's become firm fan-favorites with many people. Much of that's because of Jihoon's almost childlike ways. Endearing and funny, he also seems to get up to mischief a lot. Deavan took to IG to share a short video of him misbehaving in a boat and fans thought it so funny.

Deavan shares a video showing her '90 Day Fiance' man Jihoon rowing a boat

It looks like Deavan really cant turn her back on Jihoon for a minute. The video she shared on Instagram showed him in a boat, rowing around a pretty swimming area in Korea.

Jihoon's dressed in black trousers and jacket, and he sat in a wooden boat, rowing around. She captioned it with, "Left my husband for a few minutes...he found a boat lol." Deavan said to him, "What are you doing?" To which, Jihoon laughs with delight.

Deavan adds, "I can't leave you alone!" In the background, off-camera someone says, "he's a childish boy." Maybe they were out with Jihoon parents? "90 Day Fiance" fans loved the little video and they got to talking about his mischievous ways. One of them said to Deavan, "I seriously cannot imagine what normal day to day life is like with him...he kills me."

Deavan reveals Jihoon plays around often

In response to fans who thought Deavan must put up with quite a few of his hi-jinks, she noted, "well we saw joker ...

and after the movie every time we stopped he kept getting out of the car to do the dance so that’s an example lol." One fan of the "90 Day Fiance" couple thinks that laughter can help keep them together. They posted, "Keep laughing and holding hands and remember as long as u laugh everything will be alright."

Social media guru and blogger, John Yates commented wittily, "He’s pretty crafty!" Other fans commented on how much they love the couple, and especially Jihoon, who makes people laugh.

One follower said, "Awwww, a good belly laughs are good for us, and I’m sure Jihoon is bringing the funny, all the time! May the blessings continue and multiply." Another commented, "Omg thats hilarious...I can't take mine anywhere."

Funny Jihoon and Deavan come back in a new '90 Day Fiance' season

Fans who love the couple heard that "The Other Way" returns for another season.

Leaks that they feature in the next season came from Instagram account @fraudedbytlc. They never confirmed about Deavan and Jihoon filming yet, but they did hear about Jenny and Summit. Obviously, fans of "90 Day Fiance" can't wait for confirmation that their favorite, Jihoon returns. He's very popular after all. While some fans describe them as boring, others love them. As one fan noted, "Yay, I guess we’ll get to see Deavan and Jihoon’s wedding! I don’t know why [some] people don’t like them...I think they are hilarious. I’m obsessed with his parents and pup too!"

What did you think of the vid clip that Deavan shared of Jihoon on the boat? Actually, it looks like it was part of the decorations! Are you looking forward to seeing more of Jihoon and his childlike, fun-loving ways?

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