Tim Malcolm and Jennifer Tarazona’s relationship has been the topic of discussion among fans of "90 Day Fiancé." Fans also speculated him being gay or transgender. In a recent interview he addressed all the rumors and allegations. Speaking with ET, he said "I think that's just strange that society just thinks if a man says no then he's gay." Tim called the transgender rumors "laughable".

Meanwhile, Tim flew to Colombia to spend time with Jennifer and proposed to her. The proposal did not go as well as he expected. The reality star used the same ring he had given his ex-girlfriend Veronica.

When he told Jennifer about the history of the ring, she was not pleased. Fans were scratching their heads, questioning why Tim would reveal such a detail to his current girlfriend. They also ridiculed the 38-year-old for not exploring the sexual side his relationship with Jennifer despite flying all the way to Colombia.

Logical decision

The reality star has reacted to the criticism he has received after the recent episodes. Tim interviewed recently at a press mixer for the show. He justified his decision to tell Jennifer about the ring by pointing out that she would have found out anyway. The American said that telling her was the most logical thing to do. He said that lying would have been foolish since she would have found out from previous seasons of the show or from Veronica.

Asked about the state of his relationship with Jennifer after the rough patch, Tim refused to give any details, urging fans to tune in to the remaining episodes.

On his lack of sexual advances to Jennifer, Tim has stated his intention to take things slow. His recent visit to Colombia ended without any physical interaction between the two.

Fans made fun of his lack of advances towards Jennifer. Some even started speculating about his sexual orientation. The reality star said that he was surprised that people were questioning his attitude towards sex. He said that his priority in his current relationship was to build a lasting bond. Tim said that his focus with Jennifer was to establish a good and solid foundation for their relationship.

The reality star declared that he was willing to wait for the right time to get intimate with her.

Jennifer and Veronica

His ex-girlfriend also came up for discussion during the interview. Jennifer and Veronica are both from Colombia. He defended his decision to date, Jennifer, saying that he loved her. Tim said that, ideally, he would not go back to the country after his relationship with Veronica ended. However, he became attracted to Jennifer who also happened to be from Colombia. Tim also said he shared a good relationship with Veronica despite their breakup. On his experience on the TLC show, Tim said it had been a positive experience. He praised the show’s popularity and urged fans to tune in for the season finale and the Tell All episode in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on "90 Days Fiance."