"90 Day Fiance" alum Jon Walters and Jay Smith might be old news as far as fans of the TLC franchise go. But, Jon, who's often outspoken and blunt used the "R" word to describe Jay Smith. And, this week, Jay slammed him for it. Fans may recall we heard before that Jon alleged that Ashley Martson felt that her husband forced himself on her without her consent. As far as we know, Jay never got arrested or charged for r*pe. So, some people feel it's a bit out of line for Jon to use that word on Jay's Instagram account.

The original allegations that Jay forced himself on '90 Day Fiance' alum Ashley Martson

Plenty of tabloids reported on the alleged attack by Jay Smith back in July. IBT reported, "Following the airing of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” Season 4, episode 11, TLC reality star Jon Walters shared an Instagram post that accused Jay Smith of s*xually assaulting Ashley Martson during their marriage." Somehow, Jon Walters ended up with screenshots of messages supposedly between her and Jay about the incident.

The outlet also reminded us that Jon shared them without Ashley's consent, noting later on her IG stories, "Next time I’m opening up to someone is my autopsy." Well, the ugly story reared its head yet again this week, and once more, Jon, from Rachel's season of "90 Day Fiance" started it.

It all came out on a comment that Jon made four days back about Jay. His comment said, "Covering with handcuffs. Mr wife r*pist would be perfect." It's not clear where Jon made the comment, but Jay screen-capped it and banged it back at Jon on Tuesday night.

Jay Smith Slams '90 Day Fiance's' Jon Walters

Jay's story's up on Instagram, but to save it for posterity, the @187anonymousgossip account screen-capped and shared it.

Naturally, fans could also comment on it there. In their caption, the popular "90 Day Fiance" account wrote, "Jay addresses Jon Walters for calling him a r*pist. I don’t like Jay and idk what happened but I don’t agree with Jon calling him a r*pist just because Ashley said it happened.. she still got back with him afterwards so her word doesn’t really mean much after that‍♀️.

plus this is someone who faked her own death. Jon shouldn’t believe everything she says ."

Jay's message said, "@jonwalters Bruh. Really don't know if I should even wast (sic) my time on a dumb f**k like you bro. To me, it seems like everyone is chasing clout. You should do the world a favor and sit your old....*ss down and work on yourself and that beautiful wife you got before talking sh*t that is not true." Well, the original incident's old as the hills now, but fans of "90 Day Fiance" never forget anything, and they commented about it.

Fan react to Jon Walters using the 'R' word on Jay

Fans think Jon Walters is way out of line. One said, "Those are huge allegations!" Another commented, "I agree that Jon posting on Jay's page about Jay having r*ped his wife is out of line.

I'm not a Jay fan but Ashley repeatedly gets back with Jay and herself has posted so many lies (like faking her death) that her word means nothing. False r*pe allegations diminishes the veracity of ACTUAL...victims. Making such allegations lightly is morally reprehensible ."

What do you think about Jon Walters just not letting this old story go about Jay and Ashley? Do you think he's way out of line using the "R" word to describe Jay? After all, Jay was never convicted and it's never been proven. Plus, Jon leaked the original allegations anyway, and without Ashley's consent.

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