"90 Day Fiance" rumors arose that Ashley Marston's dating Christian Estrada of "Bachelor In Paradise." I predicted that things looked positive in that regard. First, I noted the flirting between the couple on Instagram Stories. I reported they both attended the same party venue together and also noted that Ashley hinted at a new man. More recently, I also reported that she missed Christian's birthday party and apologized for that. Now, it turns out those hints came to fruition and she is actually dating him.

Ashley Martson - '90 Day Fiance' tags 'Bachelorette' in Disney photo - refers to Estrada

Ashley tagged an Instagram pic with "The Bachelorette" and we can recall that Christian Estrada featured on Becca Kuffrin's season of the show. Sent home on the first night, he later re-emerged for the Tell-All. Now, we know he went on 'Bachelor in Paradise' and almost immediately got sent home by Chris Harrison for getting into a fight on the beach. But, as Hollywood Life speculated, that might not be a problem for him as he was rumored to be in a relationship with Ashley Martson of "90 Day Fiance."

US Weekly confirmed Ashley and Christian actually dated at Disney. Their source told them, "the pair’s outing at the Florida theme park on Saturday, August 17 was, in fact, a date." Also, " Martson, 33, and Estrada, 29, documented their time at the magical place on their Instagram Stories." Plus, fans talk about her new man and Ashley in the post shown below.

They feel he's a major "upgrade" for Ashley Now, a further report by Celebuzz spoke about it a bit more.

Predictions of dating Estrada seem totally correct after Celebuzz report

Celebuzz interviewed Ashley Martson about a range of things on August 20. The "90 Day Fiance" alum talked about Jay Smith and many other personal issues.

It seems that Ashley's very polished these days. In fact, she'd like to end up on "Real Housewives" one day. Looking at her new-found confidence, that might actually come to pass.

On her new boyfriend, Celebuzz noted what she likes about him. She said, "He’s very, very, very, very…tuned into what I’m doing, making sure I’m ok.

Just, very opposite of my last relationship.” Plus, she added, “I’ve learned a lot in my last [relationship]. If anything, at least it was a good learning curve for me, what not to allow and what signs I need to be looking for." Next, Celebuzz told readers and viewers that her new man actually is "Christian Estrada from Bachelor in Paradise!"

'90 Day' star tags Christian Estrada with NY shirt in IG Stories

In the Instagram pic above, we see "90 Day Fiance" star Ashley looking awesome, if in bad lighting. On Tuesday night, she shared a similar post on her IG stories and tagged Christian Estrada. She said, "Does this shirt look familiar?" Then she added, "@estradac11.

What do you think about the predictions that Ashley Martson's dating "Bachelor in Paradise" star Christian Estrada came true?

Certainly, with Celebuzz confirming that, we can only hope they enjoy a healthy relationship. After all, Ashley had a rather toxic ending to her relationship with Jay Smith.

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