The Terminator team is back with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and James Cameron in “Terminator: Dark Fate," scheduled to hit the box offices on November 1. There are also others like Natalia Reyes and Mackenzie Davis who come together to breathe life into another episode of Terminator that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Linda Hamilton made a name for herself portraying the role of the iconic action heroine Sarah Connor. It was the role of a lifetime and she smashed Hollywood stereotypes when she took it on. The role was of a super muscular, fierce fem fighter who played a key part in saving the world.

She has been an integral part of the Terminator series and will now repeat it again. She admits that the decision was not an easy one.

Sky News reports on the perspectives of Linda Hamilton who has portrayed Sarah Connor in the Terminator Movies. She wanted to paint a picture of herself as a modern-day Sarah and she has done just that. Linda is now in her 60s and likely wants to prove that she can deliver an acceptable performance even today. She certainly still has the ability to take on any role assigned to her and give it her best.

Tidbits about ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’

Natalia Reyes is the co-star with Linda Hamilton and plays the role of a young woman whose experience mirrors that of Connor.

Natalia says the world is changing as is Hollywood and a director like James Cameron always surely wants to highlight some of these changes. The character of Sarah Connor was that of a strong woman who was also a single mother. Natalia Reyes says – “we were just all trying to reflect what's going on in the world right now.” Mackenzie Davis is another co-star of Linda and Natalia.

She talks about the number of women on screen and says the off-screen story is different.

Sky News also talks about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his take on the child climate activist Greta Thunberg.

While speaking to reporters, he said the girl impressed him by her determination to raise awareness on the subject of climate change. Arnold is a former Republican governor of California and said he “always” hated politics. However, he has full support for Greta and he has offered to lend her an environment-friendly electric car to help her in her mission.

More about the movie

According to The Guardian, “Terminator: Dark Fate” is co-produced and co-written by James Cameron. It is set in Mexico close to the Texas border. There is a young autoworker Dani Ramos portrayed by Natalia Reyes who is troubled by a humanoid-robotic figure. It descends in its birthday suit to Earth with sounds of lightning in the background.

Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton) has with her heavy weaponry and is intent on saving young Dani. As to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator ancestor, he lives incognito. This is another action-packed sci-fi movie, which keeps the doors open for more films to maintain continuity.