"90 Day Fiance" fans might forgive a lot of things on the TLC show. However, it looks like many of them won't forgive Deavan Clegg for her stance on the Trump administration and racism. The furor all started when a story got shared on her Instagram Stories, which alleges she and Jihoon felt that the Trump Administration's immigration policy's racist. That upset the pro-Trumpers. Then she took to Instagram and denied that. So that upset the anti-Trump crowd. Stuck in the middle, it looks like Deavan and Jihoon lose fans from both sides of the spectrum.

Deavan Clegg - stuck in the middle of Trump policies, '90 Day Fiance' couple gets hate

Deavan first picked up a lot of hate after the IG Story appeared. It's one of those swipe to read things. Deavan later said that she didn't post it. It's apparently done by another company. Anyway, Korea's in a different time zone, so she didn't know the story went out. But she woke to a lot of hate. Her reaction video got grabbed by "90 Day Fiance" guru and blogger John Yates, where fans commented on it.

On her own Instagram, under an unrelated post, the first hate rolled in from Pro-Trump supporters. One fan said, "I just read the article about your life being in danger and frankly I am totally disgusted by this...Jihoon may not be white, but the majority of the white nationalists in the Trump administration pushing against immigrants of color are somewhat more tolerant of South Koreans...If this is was you Deavan then I AM OUT.

I certainly hope not cause I really like your family. "White nationalists in the Trump administration" OH PLEASE."

@johnyates327tv shares Deavan's denial of Trump's racism

The @johnnyytes327tv account on Instagram got ahold of the two videos that Deavan made. Upset, she denied she posted the story and denied that they ever said anything about the Trump Administration being racist.

She said they cannot control what that company shares on her Stories. One "90 Day Fiance" fan noted she might not have shared the story. They wrote, "Some of the other cast members said that it is part of the contract that those companies can post for them."

Deavan said in the video that she's very upset. But, as she continued talking, she made other followers upset as she came across as pro-Trump.

She said, "We have nothing against the president of the United States." She added, "We live in Korea, and Jihoon could easily go to America whenever he wants." The "90 Day Fiance" mom said, "Just because he's 'of color' we know that's not an issue." Later, Deavan said, "I don't care if I lose followers, but we support the president, no matter who it is."

Fans slam the '90 Day Fiance' couple, some unfollow

After getting slammed and unfollowed by pro-Trumpers, on her IG now the turn of the anti-Trumpers came. On the @johnyates327tv account, their feelings came out: Here's what a few of them said:

  • "eww they support Trump. Now they’re one of my least favorite couples."
  • "ugh just when I was starting to like her."
  • "She sounds so stupid, so trump can’t be a white supremacists because you’re white?!?! Take them off the [90 Day Fiance] show, HATE them now."
  • "She must be living under a rock."
  • "This video made me dislike her quite a bit ."
  • "You haven’t experience racism because your white. You will never know what that is. I’m Hispanic, and I have experience at first hand. 2. You need to travel to other states so you can see what real life is about. 3. You know you won’t support just any president for being president, stop lying. You will only support anyone that has your same beliefs."

What do you think about "90 Day Fiance" fans unfollowing Deavan Clegg for denying Trump's administration's racist?

Deavan spoke about living in Korea because of a deranged relative. Is it her fault the writer made it sound like she hated Trump's immigration policies? She never shared the story, but when she addressed it, she got lots more people hating on her. Do you think the less said the better?

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