"90 Day Fiance" in 2019 brought some drama-filled and intriguing scenes. Corey Rathgeber lit up the Internet after meeting Larissa Lima in Las Vegas. The subsequent drama involved lashing back from Evelin, reverse gear from Corey, and loads of tea involving text messages. Now, fans think Corey retreated from the furor and opted for a safe date night with his mom.

Corey Rathgeber denies his date with '90 Day Fiance' Larissa was a date

By now, possibly half the world knows that Larissa Lima, Colt Johnson and Eric Nichol's ex, met up with Corey in Las Vegas.

Larissa leaked the story on her Instagram and in an IG story. Of course, Evelin went ballistic, social media went into overdrive, and Corey denied the date was a date. Even though he previously said it was a date. TV Shows Ace reported that Corey slapped back at fans for suggesting he had something going on with Larissa.

In fact, the "90 Day Fiance" star shared that he loves Evelin so much. The news outlet reported, "He posted up a photo and of him and Evelin, and told off people making rumors. In his post, he said, “For those of you wondering about me and Larissa. We met up as friends, that’s how it is. For those saying anything more about that subject are wrong and creating rumors." However, that came around the same time Evelin dissed on him for being a disappointment with no money.

Corey gets outed by leaked '90 Day Fiance' texts, no wonder he retreated

On her Instagram, Larissa took no beating from Evelin lying down. Determined to clear her name, as Evelin accused her of being a man-snatcher and worse, some texts got leaked. They ended up on various "90 Day Fiance" accounts on IG. One of those was John Yates.

These got shared in various snippets and takes in the days that followed. The ongoing war of words between Larissa and Evelin continues and Corey's gone rather quiet.

Yet fans wonder why the "90 Day Fiance" star continues to play around with the word "date." After all, he just got seriously bitten by it all. And, fans know Evelin's not the most forgiving person on the planet.

But sure enough - here comes Corey, who surprisingly kept much of a low profile during the season. Now he shared about yet another date.

Instagram post about date night - '90 Day Fiance' fans think he's safe with mom

Late Friday night, Corey Rathgeber shared a post of him enjoying a dinner of steak, potatoes, and beans. Two plates were set on the table and Corey captioned it as a "date night." With nobody else in the picture, it's not that hard for "90 Day Fiance" fans to think the place is definitely not in Ecuador. In fact, most of them think Corey's in a safe place with his mom. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • "With your sweet mom."
  • "With? Your mom?"
  • "Date night with mommy?"
  • "They’re not eating off the floor so can’t be Evelyn."
  • "Looks delicious!! Say hello to your MOM!"
  • "[It] doesn't look anything like their place in Ecuador - Probably his mom's."

What do you think about Corey Rathgeber's post about a date night?

Do you think he's retreated home and he's on a date with mom? After all, he lit up the Internet when he stopped in with Larissa in Las Vegas.

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