Fans of TLC’s "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" have been following the often-dramatic relationship between Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks. The couple has been through some rough patches and has seemed to want different things on the show. Darcey had a previous appearance on "90 Day Fiancé" with ex-boyfriend Jesse Meester. Tom made his first appearance on the show this season. Darcey has been pushing Tom to propose and declare his love for her, but he has been hesitant. She recently spoke about the state of their relationship.

No regrets

According to ET, Darcey revealed, in a recent interview, that she did not regret expressing her feelings to her boyfriend.

The reality star said fans would have to watch the remaining episodes of the show to know the couple’s fate. She said that she always takes risks in relationships and would always follow her heart. The reality star said she was only being herself on the show and would always stay true to that.

Despite her openness and vulnerability, Darcey said, "I'm not here to be made for a fool." Asked if Tom had made a fool out of her, she replied, "I wouldn't say that he has, maybe at times." On the show, Darcey has been pushing Tom to say that he loves her. Her boyfriend has been hesitant to declare his love, which has caused some friction between the two. She revealed that he had finally declared his love to her.

The reality star said fans would have to watch the next couple of episodes to see what happens.

Darcey fielded a question about her boyfriend’s intentions on the show, seeing that he had hesitated to declare his love for her. Some have suggested that Tom is only on the show for fame. Darcey said that she trusted her boyfriend and his motivations for being on the show.

She, however, said that she was only on the show to find love and that time would tell what his true intentions are.

Darcey's emotional breakdown

While wrapping up the interview, Darcey responded to questions about her many emotional breakdowns on the show. She admitted that the show is an emotional rollercoaster for her. The 45-year-old said that putting her heart on the line is a big deal for her.

She said that she goes all-in on relationships and gets emotional when things aren’t going well. Despite the constant emotional disappointments, Darcey said that she would never stop looking for love. The reality star has two kids and has been in many relationships. She said she would keep fighting for true love. The season finale of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" will air on 27th October. The new season of the show will start on November 3. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, post your comments in the comment section. We will keep you updated, stay tuned.