Hoda Kotb and Andy Cohen are old friends and solid professionals in the TV world. Hoda works triple duty, starting off her 3:00 AM day as co-anchor alongside Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and more of the “Today” family who makes getting up early little easier for millions of viewers. She then does her fourth-hour slot and special reports, all part of her day’s work. Andy Cohen livens up the evening hours with the spicy repartee and gossip on his “Watch What Happens Live” for Bravo, also part of the NBC network.

Every lady, who is someone in the reality world, has sat on Andy's sofa, and Hoda has covered everything from the hard news headlines to wrenching crime stories on “Dateline,” where she started.

Viewers have had a feast of fun this week, with Andy Cohen and Hoda Kotb teaming up for the fourth-hour of “Today.” Soap opera diva, Susan Lucci, even gave Andy the surprise of his life yesterday on the morning broadcast.

Even after all that excitement, the simple reflections and precious time spent with children made “Today” extra special, on October 15-16 for Hoda and Andy, just because kids are kids.

Some very special readers

Hoda Kotb came back to her “Today” duties after Labor Day last month, and in part of her extended maternity leave to welcome second adopted daughter, Hope Catherine, to her loving fold, she worked on a book of uplifting affirmations. “I Really Needed This Today” was released this week, and already, the author claims it as her favorite book.

Kotb has written two moving children's books based on her adoption experience with her older daughter, Haley Joy. The animal-themed “I've Loved You Since Forever,” which was set to music by Kelly Clarkson, and “You Are My Happy” quickly drew adults and children to turn their pages and commit them to memory.

Kelly Clarkson wasn’t around to sing the pages of the new book, but students from the South Orange, New Jersey South Mountain Elementary School were very willing to share their own favor wisdom from the book.

A few of the memorable choices were:

“When you see a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.”

‘I’d rather learn to dance in the rain than worry if I have an umbrella for the rest of my life.”

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes—including you.”

“Remember the times you prayed for what you have today.”

Andy Cohen was soaking up the words from the children, too, but Hoda asked him to share some kicking and singing from home.

Talk about happy feet!

Andy Cohen confessed to Hoda that he was truly exhausted Tuesday night, by the time he got home to his beautiful boy, Benjamin Allen. Every parent knows that a child has a way of guiding a mom or dad to joy and energy when it seems everything in body and spirit is depleted. It was that way for Andy until he started to sing “Face Full of Feet” off the top of his head.

Little toes find their way all over daddy’s beard, and Andy ends on “Now, you're kicking your daddy in the face right now!” Ben does throw in a few claps, too.

Viewers had to see the video straight Andy Cohen’s phone, held in his hand. Hoda Kotb declared that no one would mind how they saw the darling father-son moment.

“He just fills me with such energy!” gushed the proud papa. Hoda Kotb often describes that her favorite time of day is putting her daughters to bed at night.

Reading, singing, or even kicking, kids add the purest delight to life — and to “Today.”