For “Hawaii Five-O” fans who love a fast-moving feast, the October 11 Episode 3 for Season 10 was another delectable treat. The action in “E uhi ana ka wa I hala I na mea I hala" (Passing Time Obscures the Past) starts with a horrific plane crash of Flight 912 some 30 years ago, and transcends to the present day when the wreckage is found. There are funny, unexpected, and dangerous turns in this “Hawaii Five-O” adventure and yummy baked goods aren’t the only thing that comes with breakfast.

Not a minute too soon

The episode begins with a flashback to the 1983 crash, complete with heaps of 80s hair and smoking allowed on board, just before the deadly event.

When searchers scout to locate the crash site, the body of a diver happens to surface, too. The mystery of why he was there and just what he was after making the case for “Hawaii Five-O” while Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) makes good on his vow to not waste a second to allow Wes Cullen (Rob Morrow) to make an escape.

It was only thanks to Eddie's love and wickedly sharp nose that McGarrett escaped certain death at his home, and Quinn Liu (Katrina Law) just wants to make sure that Cullen knows that his crafty plot was foiled and that she and every team member of “Hawaii Five-O” plan to be “all up in your business” until he is taken down. Once more, Liu has a gift of turning up out of nowhere, and it’s a delicious delight to see her consume Cullen’s leisurely breakfast and devour the contents of his breadbasket.

There's nothing so tasty as taking down a sickeningly slick perpetrator, and Cullen is the living example of getting away with murder for far too long. Steve is having fun just listening to the exchange from his snazzy new red truck, and Quinn brings him a croissant to boot before starting their day of tracking.

Quinn seems to be two steps ahead of any current action, and she and Steve follow one of Cullen’s “boys” to the airport, where it's too loud for any audio surveillance.

What they do see is more than enough to know the next point, which happens to be a burial site for a large drum-- not for a body—for loads of cash. They plan to be hot on the money trail until Steve finds a slashed tire. A game of 20 questions whittles down to one, once Steve guesses that Quinn’s “thing” is a croissant. The Lt.

Commander discovers more about her sense of loyalty and her ability when he overhears a conversation in Kurdish, so remarkably timely considering current events, with the widow of a soldier she helped train. Give this pairing a chance, because it's going places

From air to sea

The remainder of “Hawaii Five-O” has very little in the way of current technology to trace the fate of the doomed flight. They do have the identity of the diver, and of the passengers, but still cannot discern his real purpose for his hired mission, at a steep price. They interrogate Joe Ennis (Cullen Douglas), who swears that all he wants is “answers” to all his questions about the flight that took his brother. He tells Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Lou (Chi McBride) about the myriad of theories concerning the downed plane and puts them on the lead of a man named Pollack (Stephen Full), who confesses that he booked a plane to the crash site as soon as it was located, and has plenty of “deep state” hard-right theories on the crash, but that the real source of the majority of the theories come from a man called Delfi Sun.

Captain Grover playfully teases Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) that he is really Jerry, just with his beard shaved, after Adam describes all of the prominent conspiracy probes, including one that the test at a military site provoked the 912 crash. Some investigation by Junior (Beulah Koale) uncovers that the deceased diver was willing to be as much as $30,000 for help from one day of retrieving items. Further investigation leads to Joe Ennis’ brother, Ron, being on the plane, after an incident of intercepting a killing/robbery of a New York socialite and taking millions of dollars from her safe. Joe Ennis just happen to work for the insurance company that insured the jewels and precious items, letting him know what would be under his brother’s seat.

That was the booty everyone was bound and determined to get. Tani reveals that Joe Ennis was Delfi Sun, convoluting the crash myths. At the same time, Junior learns that a female welder (Allison Caetano) was the murderer of the diver.

When she and Ennis plot their monetary exchange, both fire weapons from their briefcases. Ennis is hit, but not fatally. Tani gives chase to the welder, who dives off the dock into the ocean. Meaghan Rath portrays Tani’s bada** self to a tee in an underwater battle with the suspect, likely with a little help from the stunt team. Junior is about to dive in, just as Tani emerges, telling him that “she needs help,” as they try to save the woman who just tried to kill her before putting her under arrest.

A swift shield

After their day on the hunt for Cullen, Steve offers Quinn the fastest full membership as part of “Hawaii Five-O” in the team’s history, presenting the coveted badge. She accepts, saying “It would be an honor,” there's no time for celebration, as a swarm of HPD cars comes in to arrest Quinn, whose apartment has evidence of money laundering, of course, planted by Cullen. Steve promises that he will handle this.

Steve pays a visit to his prime target, letting him know that a prison cell will be welcomed after how the “Five-O” boss plans to torment him day and night. Cullen snidely comments that McGarrett doesn't know what's really going on. The murderous bomber walks into the stately doors of a mansion, and in less than two seconds, a devastating blast happens.

It's too soon to be rid of this criminal, and “Hawaii Five-O” surely has more plans to make his feature an adventure, just like they are enjoying in Season 10.