TLC’s "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" continued, last Sunday, and fans got a clearer picture of the couple’s situations heading into the homestretch. There was some intrigue as relationships that seemed to be on shaky ground got back on track.

Maria and Caesar together again

The biggest surprise of the night was Caesar’s decision to get back with Maria. His Ukrainian girlfriend had dumped him after he failed to pay for her flight to Mexico. At the time Caesar had planned to propose to her. Fast forward to Sunday and we discover that Maria had contacted Caesar weeks after the breakup, apologizing to her ex-boyfriend and asking for a fresh start.

She also wanted some money to pay for her outstanding bills. Caesar apparently forgave his repentant girlfriend sent close to $3,000 dollars, reports E-News. Caesar’s friend Jeremy called him the most gullible person he had ever known. Caesar is now planning a trip to Cuba to meet with Maria when they will likely try to rekindle their relationship.

Other couples on the show were slightly less dramatic. Rebecca and Zied appeared to be working out their issues. Rebecca explained to her love interest that her divorce was in its final stages. While Zied appeared more accepting of the situation this week, Rebecca still fears that he will leave her. She said she was willing to do anything to save their relationship.

Meanwhile, Benjamin had a meeting with Akinyi’s parents and they haggled over her dowry price. Benjamin’s offer did not impress his girlfriend’s parents and they wanted more. The two parties managed to reach an agreement. Benjamin will pay what he can manage and settle the rest in the future. Akinyi found out that he was yet to tell his parents about her and it probably shocked her.

Their chemistry will be interesting to watch in the few remaining episodes.

Avery and Omar relationship

Avery and Omar continued to follow up on Omar’s chances of obtaining a visa to the United States. They met with a lawyer who gave them some discouraging news about Omar’s chances. The lawyer said that the travel ban in America applied to him and he would have to request a waiver.

His other option, also per his lawyer, is to spend some time away from Avery in the hopes that the authorities would see that the couple is going through hardship being apart.

Timothy and Jennifer got back on track. She agreed to wear Timothy’s engagement ring, but on her middle finger. She still insists on getting her own ring from him. The couple did not get intimate despite their make-up which could be cause for concern, moving forward.

Darcey and Tom also had a good moment after he finally said he loved her. He made a romantic gesture, although, it was not what Darcey expected. He gave her the key to his apartment which, while is a sign of progress, fans surely know that what Darcey really wants is an engagement ring.

Finally, Angela met with Michael’s parents and they seem to accept her relationship with him. She had a sit down with Michael’s mom but, rather than reveal the truth about her fertility situation, she told her that they would conceive in the near future. The show will return next week and fans should be looking forward to the fallout from this week’s episode. Say tuned to Blasting News for more of the skinny.