Kevin Smith dropped by the Los Angeles Comic Con for his "Jay and Silent Bob" reboot panel and confirmed to fans that he's working on a third "Clerks" film and a "Mallrats" sequel. Kevin Smith has been teasing the development of these two anticipated sequels for months, and now his announcement at LACC confirmed these rumblings.

During his panel at the Con, Kevin Smith told his fans that he and his teams are working on a Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2. This drew a major reaction from the crowd and we all know why. Smith has been teasing these sequels for a while on his podcast, so it makes sense how excited the audiences got during the panel.

Clerks trilogy was halted by Jeff Anderson originally wanting out

Smith's third film in the "Clerks" trilogy went unmade for a long time, and that is because one of the original cast members did not want to return. Jeff Anderson allegedly refused to reprise his role as the video store clerk, so his exit halted production. Smith mentioned this during his "Fatman on Batman," podcast.

While it's anyone's guess why Anderson wanted out of the project, he previously worked on "Zack and Miri Make A P*rno," with Smith back in 2008. This means there are no hard feelings between the two. Anderson apparently just didn't want to get involved when "Clerks" 3 was pitched to him.

Kevin Smith's plot for "Clerks" is inspired by his personal experience of having a heart attack.

The main character has a heart attack and realizes that working in a film store and watching other people's Movies, he needs to make his own movie. So he makes "Clerks," which is the story of Clerks.

The first "Clerks" film was shot on a small budget and released in 1994 and was Smith's directorial debut. It was the film that launched Smith's career.

Smith says the third film writes itself because he lived it 25 years ago.

Kevin Smith has no timeframe for releases of planned sequels

Smith and Anderson are still friends and on good terms. Smith recently made an announcement on Instagram confirming that Anderson is on board with the sequel. The three stars were standing next to each other in the social media posting.

Kevin Smith did not provide a timeframe for when his third "Clerks" film would be made. It could be next year or later down the road, meaning we should be prepared to wait a while.

The biggest announcement from Smith was that he would also be developing a "Mallrats" sequel. This news was not relayed in his Instagram announcement from last week which makes this announcement more intriguing than "Clerks" next chapter. It's expected that Smith will work on one project at a time, so "Mallrats" 2 earliest release year would be 2022. Kevin Smith has also been spending time helming a few episodes of "The Flash" and "Supergirl."