"90 Day Fiance" fans heard that Ben allegedly applied for a K1 Visa for Akinyi. That might be surprising news for some TLC followers, as things never really went all that well for Ben in Kenya. Ben expects Akinyi to be a stepmother to his son. Meanwhile, Akinyi's reluctant. Now, news comes out that Ben's ex weighed in with her view of Akinyi taking on the role of stepmom to his son.

Fans think '90 Day Fiance's' Ben's controlling, forcing Akinyi into stepmom role

In September, followers of Ben and Akinyi on the TLC show heard that Ben wanted Akinyi to get used to the idea of being a stepmom to his son.

Benjamin Taylor and Akinyi Obala seemed at odds over a few things, and one of those things involved her becoming a stepmom. In fact, fans felt that Ben's way too controlling and "expects' a lot of things from Akinyi.

His five-year-old son Grayson's very cute, and Ben said that he's hardly ever been away from his son. When he told his son he was going to Kenya, the cute little guy wanted to go along as well. But, he never told Grayson about Akinyi, in case it never worked out. That seemed like a good idea to "90 Day Fiance" fans at the time. But Ben grew worried that Akinyi wouldn't take to being a mom. In fact, he noted it "would be a deal-breaker."

Akinyi Obala mentioned on IG about her fears of being a stepmom

Akinyi took to her IG to ask about being a stepmom, and she put forward her fears to her friends and fans.

She explained that being an instant mom's a bit "scary" as she has no experience. Some fans wondered why she said she'd rather be a "friend" to the child. And, she explained that. The "90 Day Fiance" star said, "I wanted to be friends first with his son because no relationship on this earth ends up good without starting from something as basic as friendship."

Akinyi also noted that she could not think of assuming "mom duties without forming some sort of bond with a child." To her, starting out as a friend seemed like a "reasonable bond." Nevertheless, she knows little about parenting and asked her followers for advice - especially from those who had been through step-parenting.

Well, it emerges now, that Ben's ex certainly experienced this type of thing in her life, and now, her ideas on it emerged this week via 187anonymousgossip on Instagram.

Ben on '90 Day Fiance' has an ex who gave her views on the stepmom

The mom and ex of Ben weighed in with her views on Akinyi becoming a stepmom and wanting to first be a friend.

On her Instagram, she's got some lovely shots of their son as well. In her post about it, that only emerged this week, she said, "No one just becomes a step parent. By marriage technically yes you are a step parent if your spouse has a child from a previous relationship. But by NO MEANS does that mean you have that level of a relationship with that child from day one."

Actually, it looks like Akinyi's spot on with wanting to be a friend to Ben's son first. Obviously keeping track of '90 Day Fiance," it seems Ben's ex agrees with Akinyi's approach. She added, "When my current partner met my son, he met him as a friend. He got to know him and grow to understand what he meant to him. My son is smart and he told ME that my partner was his step dad...I'm deeply concerned when someone pushes a person into a role they are not prepared for mentally.

If he wants this relationship to work he will let her guide that pace. Let her get acclimated with a new country and life before shoving the role of stepmom on her. Just my 5 cents."

What do you think about Ben's ex agreeing with Akinyi that she should rather become a friend to his son first? It certainly sounds like she agrees that Ben's trying to get a bit too controlling with Akinyi by trying to force her into a stepmom role too fast.

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