90 Day Fiance” is getting interested day by day with the new developments. Benjamin and Akinyi is arguably the couple on “90 Day Fiance” that courts the least drama. But a recent leak about their relationship hints that there might be more than what meets the eye between the two. It can be recalled that Benjamin and Akinyi faced a lot of challenges in the past few episodes. Not only did Benjamin struggle with the culture shock that being in Kenya gave him, but Akinyi’s brother also did not make a particularly strong impression on viewers.

Due to the country’s conservative nature, the couple had to ask permission from the church elders for their union.

This could become a big issue, later on, considering that Ben has children from a previous relationship. Benjamin also struggles with the fact that he has to come up with a huge amount of money to pay off the dowry.

K1-Visa for Akinyi

Recent rumors suggested that there is a possibility that Benjamin may get a K1-Visa for Akinyi, reports TV Shows Ace. It seems that the former has already filled out an application for Akinyi, which means that there is a high likelihood that it will be approved.

The K1 Visa is a particular subclass of visas that are given to a fiancé or fiancée of an American citizen. Once the fiancé or fiancée enters American soil, the couple is required to marry within 90 days.

A lot of the show’s fans are actually unimpressed with Benjamin’s gesture. While the two formed a strong bond when they first connected online, most fans think that it may be too soon to apply for a visa.

Benjamin's ex-wife

It can be recalled that Benjamin is in the mess that he is in right now because he started looking for an online relationship beyond his home city of Phoenix.

It was through the online dating scene that he met Akinyi.

Benjamin went through a lot in life. Before he met his current fiancé, he actually had a divorce from a marriage that produced his 5-year old son Grayson. While he has not named and rarely talked about his ex-wife, he did say that she was not willing to fix their marriage when it started going sour.

After the lessons he learned from the last one, the American promised that he will be putting God at the center of his current relationship. This may seem like a good goal, considering how religious Akinyi is.

Meanwhile, Akinyi posted something on one of her social media accounts that piqued the interest of the show’s fans. She wrote on an Instagram story that she is starting to regret the fact that she appeared on the show. With all these twists and turns, there is still lot to come in the “90 Day Fiance.” Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, post your comments in the comment section.