''90 Day Fiance" and Laura Jallali continues to intrigue fans of the show by TLC. As Soap Dirt wrote, Laura is back online again and has published stories on her official profile Instagram that are contradictory for the umpteenth time. She has now denied some of her claims. So, she apparently never said that Aladin liked men. Plus, it apparently was not her who posted the photo in which she is portrayed with a black eye on social media. The truth is that she could have even put other people in trouble. But, now Laura gives the responsibility and the blame for those posts on two people who she claims created fake accounts and published as if they were her.

Now, let's examine it in detail.

Laura takes no responsibility for fake screenshots and lies

The latest news about Laura Jallali says that she's still making messes on social media. Fans of the show find it hard to keep up. As we know, Laura said she was expecting a baby by Aladin. The pregnancy story was then changed to an ectopic pregnancy. Recently, Laura introduced her ''new baby,'' who is actually a sweet puppy dog. On her social media, maybe she hoped to earn a few points with her followers. Laura previously allegedly published a photo in which she appeared with a black eye, suggesting that she had been beaten. As if that wasn't enough, she said that Aladin liked men, putting him in a bad light for how he behaved during intimacy with her.

Now, Laura Jallali returns online and denies the texts about Aladin preferring men and denies she ever shared the black-eye. As Soap Dirt wrote, she said she was not responsible for any of those posts. The blame was placed on two people who she says created a fake account under her name to get her in trouble. She also said she didn't take any responsibility for the fake screenshots posted by these fake accounts.

Laura has stated that she knows the real identity of these two persons, but she does not want to reveal their real names.

Fans worried about Laura Jallali of '90 Day Fiance'

According to many fans, this is another of Laura's lies. She makes serious claims and then backs down. The fact remains that social networks remain rather difficult for her to manage.

Besides, other members of the ''90 Day Fiance'' cast who have been on the show have also said that some of the posts published by Laura are different from what she previously said.

Is Laura in real trouble? According to Soap Dirt, some fans are seriously thinking that. Many followers of the TLC show are worried about her well-being. She went to Ecuador because she cannot return to the US as she had allegedly been denied entry there. What will happen in the final Tell-All? We just have to wait for the next bit of news about Laura Jallali's moves in ''90 Day Fiance.'' Stay tuned.