On "The Young and the Restless," Victor Newman's faked death is about to cause him great pain where his family is concerned. He demoted Victoria from CEO to COO which caused her to become so angry she threw a knife in his office portrait. Summer is so distraught at not being allowed to grieve for her grandfather that she will not even talk to him. The rumor mill suggests that all of the Newman patriarch's children will soon be at odds with him and his granddaughter may not be thinking clearly and she may put herself in harm's way. Vicky may decide to go work for Jabot and Summer may find she bit off more than she can chew where Theo is concerned.

Victoria seeks revenge on Victor

Soap Dirt suggests that all the Newman children will all turn against their father because of his obsession with Adam. The rumor mill has not indicated what action Nick and Abby might take but says Victoria might walk away from her dad's company, to work at Jabot Vicki held down the fort while Victor was ill, and during the time he faked his death. Her reward is that Victor has decided that he will take the reigns and his daughter will work under him. Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" reveal that Billy will ask the mother of his children, to work with him in the Abbott family business, but don't say what her answer will be.

Victoria was so angry at losing the CEO position that she threw a knife at the portrait of her father that hangs on the wall in his office.

When the knife hit its target, Vicki quipped, "Not this time dad." When she tells her woes to Billy he will suggest that she work with him. Last week on "The Young and the Restless" Jack decided to step away from Jabot to work on his family's memoirs. He asked his brother and his son to run the company as co-CEOs and they said they would but the rivalry will no doubt come.

Kyle had been occupying his father's desk and chair and now will have to relinquish or share it. Vicki and Billy together might end up in a battle against Summer and Kyle.

Summer might lose perspective regarding Theo

Summer went into the relationship with Theo after Kyle divorced her and married Lola. She tells everyone she knows what she is doing and says that it's just fun.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Devon is going to fire Theo which may cause him to reveal a more dangerous side. It's not clear how Mr. Vanderway can hurt Summer but the "Y&R" rumor mill suggests that Kyle will become protective of his former spouse where his once best friend is concerned.

It's possible that Summer might lose all perspective regarding Theo because of recent events that have left her vulnerable. She is furious with Victor, Nikki, her dad, and her aunts because they did not let her in on the fact that her grandfather staged his death. She is now outraged that her mother seems to have empathy for Adam who switched Victor's medication. The rumor mill for "The Young and the Restless" indicates that Kyle will have Summer's back during this difficult time, which may cause some issues with Lola, so stay tuned.