Jenelle Evans always bangs on about how her mom Barbara loves her hubby David Eason. Mind you, "Teen Mom" fans know she's got some issues with truth and lies. So, many of them don't believe anything she says anymore. But, some followers incredibly believe what Jenelle says, to the point where at least one of them hated on Barbara for liking David. However, that's way off the mark, and Barbara might just tolerate him for the peace of mind and for the kids. This weekend, Barbara took Jace and Kaiser down to the beach after Hurricane Dorian, and the subject got raised on her Instagram.

Follower hates on Barbara for loving Jenelle Evans' hubby, David Eason

Barbara took Jace and Kaiser to the beach after Hurricane Dorian. Actually, some fans took to her video about it on IG, pleased that Kaiser gets away from 'The Land' now and then. The video showed Jace and Kaiser in their red tee-shirts, having fun in the clean-swept sand. Barbara captioned it with, "Jace, Kaiser and I on Oak Island, NC day after Hurricane Dorian. The calm after the terrible storm," Most people enjoy it when Barbara shares pictures of Jace. More so, as she attended her last MTV "Teen Mom" Reunion. We won't see Jace on the show again.

One of Barbara's followers popped up and hated on her for loving David Eason.

They wrote, "The fact that Jenelle keeps saying how much you love David makes me dislike you too." Well, that seemed a bit unfair, as the follower can't possibly know how Barbara really feels about her rather unfortunate son-in-law. Fans rushed to Barabara's defense against Jenelle. One follower said, "You don't like her because of something JENELLE said?!

Not quite sure she's a trustworthy source."

Does Barbara 'tolerate'David Eason 'to keep the peace?'

Some "Teen Mom" fans felt that hating on Barbara came over a bit too strongly. Actually, some of them pointed out that Barbs might just tolerate David to help keep the peace with Jenelle and the kids. @mslindz85 commented, "She’s keeping the peace for the sake of the kids I’m sure." Others agreed, and @lucas_mama2007 noted that Barbara's "doing right by tolerating David for the sake of your relationship with your daughter and grandbabies!!"

That came after Barbara reacted to the follower who felt she didn't like her for loving Davis Eason.

Barbara wrote, "I tolerate him, to keep the peace." And, there's a huge difference between tolerating and "loving" someone. One loyal fan of the "Teen Mom" grandma,, wrote, "I know what you mean Barbara. He’s barely tolerable but god love you for doing it for your daughter and the kids. It’s a situation to be kept an eye on for sure."

Barbs reacts - puts people straight about her feelings for Jenelle Evans' husband

So, now Barabara put fans right about where she stands with David, maybe they'll ease up with all the criticism. After all, she looks after Jace and also loves her grandson Kaiser. No doubt the kids mean the world to her, including David and Jenelle's daughter Ensley. What do you think about Barbara tolerating David Eason to keep the peace with her daughter Jenelle Evans?

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