"General Hospital" rumors for the next two weeks indicate that Julian Jerome will contemplate two important decisions because he feels backed into a wall. Brad is going to drop the bombshell that Wiley is really Michael's son Jonah and the Chalie's pub owner will be outraged. He has been trying to keep peace with Sonny and now finds out that Lucas is raising the coffee importer's grandson. Brad will say that the only person who may betray them is Liesl and suggest that she be eliminated. As Julian is pondering this situation he proposes to Kim, in an attempt to keep her away from Franco who believes he is Drew.

Marriage, murder, both or neither is the question that viewers will soon be pondering.

Julian pressured to propose to Dr. Nero

This past week on "General Hospital" Cameron caught Franco kissing Kim and immediately to his mother. Julian questioned Dr. Nero about what went on between her and Elizabeth's husband, but she evaded telling him the entire truth. The connection is growing between Oscar's mom and the man with Andrew Cain's memories and Julian obviously will go into panic mode. The man who used to have everything under control is now losing his grip because of the woman he is currently dating.

Julian Jerome is going to feel pressured and propose to Kim Nero according to Soaps She Knows.

There is no word yet, however, on what her answer will be. The idea of another chance with Drew and possibly having another baby might overwhelm her and she kisses her "Charlie" goodbye. If Andre Maddox lives long enough he may be able to reverse the memory mapping before things get too out of hand.

Brad proposes Julian murder Liesl

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Brad Cooper will feel so overwhelmed that he will tell hsi father in law the entire sordid story about how he obtained his son. He is going to let Lucas's dad know that Liesl Obrecht is blackmailing him and suggest that she be dealt with. This will catch the former mob boss off guard, coming from his son in law, but Julian Jerome may possibly consider this as an option.

His immediate reaction is the fact that Wiley is really Jonah who is the grandson of Sonny Corinthos and "Charlie" does not want any trouble with his former enemy.

There has been no word from "General Hospital" spoilers or the rumor mill, regarding the fate of Obrecht, but her life is certainly in danger. Brad, Valentin and now possibly Julian may all want her out of the way. It looks like the next few weeks are going to be filled with intrigue in Port Charles. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:009 PM EST to find out if Kim accepts 'Charlie's marriage proposal and if Liesl meets with some unfortunate accident.