"Dog's Most Wanted" premiered this week on WGNA. Fans love the show as it reveled Beth Chapman as she battled on bravely alongside her family chasing after fugitives. Like Duane, the late Beth knew that drugs bring destroyed lives. Sometimes, the dealers get arrested and do time. It's an ugly circle, and the fallout leaves broken homes and pain behind for addicts. But, he reached out now telling people he's launched his promised drug and alcohol addiction helpline.

Duane of 'Dog's Most Wanted' extends a helping hand to addicts

It's not the first time that Dog's show has changed lives for the better.

In fact, over on Twitter, some people mention how the show helped them get free. One follower, @AndrewJ83496235, tweeted in reply to Leland Chapman, "Thanks to your dad's show my life is back together found new job today and off of drugs." Well, that's fantastic news, and many other people responded to Dog on his latest Instagram post as well. It comes after an announcement in March that "The bounty hunter, who stars on WGN America's "Dog's Most Wanted," is now joining forces with Treatment Alternatives, an organization of addiction experts based in Boca Raton, Florida."

Popcuture reported on that, and now he took to his Instagram Friday night to confirm it's up and running. Dog shared, "Call my team if you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol or drugs." He added the call number as "1-833-2THEDOG." At the end of his post, he added, "Let us help you change your life." It looks like many people were grateful to hear it.

Plus, it looks like that post's turning into a support group. Many people told of their struggles, and other "Dog's Most Wanted" fans stepped in to encourage them.

Helpline by Dog's very welcome, addicts talk of their struggle

Over on the comments on the post, it's clear that many people could easily take encouragement and courage from the likes of Dog's team's availability to try and help out.

He's a huge personality, and he knows what it is to struggle himself. As Popculture reminded us in 2018, "Dog's daughter Lyssa wrote a book, "Walking on Eggshells," that detailed her own troubled childhood. In the book, she claimed Dog was addicted to drugs and that her mother was an alcoholic." Allegedly, she hated living with him and Beth as drug-use made homelife unpleasant.

While we don't know if we can take her word for it, we do know that she recanted on her allegations that he abused her. Even Dog's original arrest before he became a crime fighter, surrounded drugs. Long before "Dog The Bounty Hunter" and his new "Dog's Most Wanted" spinoff, someone died during a drug deal gone wrong. So perhaps he knows just how hard life can be and wants to make a difference. So good on him if he does. He's a living proof that a man can change, turn his life around and reach out to others in a difficult situation.

What do you think about Duane 'Dog' Chapman reaching out to help people with drug and alcohol addictions? Do you think his celeb status will encourage desperate people to call in on the helpline?

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