"Dogs Most Wanted" finally premieres on Wednesday on WGNA. Excited fans are racking up the hype for it with dedicated hashtags. There's a huge Tweet-fest planned. For Duane 'Dog' Chapman, his family, and her fans, this show's definitely for Beth Chapman who sadly passed away from cancer before they wrapped filming the spinoff. In fact, ahead of the premiere, WGNA already brought a feast of old "Dog The Bounty Hunter" footage of Beth. While excitement for the premiere mounts, for everyone, there's also a twinge of sorrow at Beth's passing.

Fan's can't wait for the premiere of 'Dogs Most Wanted'

"Dog The Bounty Hunter" was always popular. However, the spinoff, "Dog's Most Wanted" promises more technology, more exciting chases, and more dangerous fugitives being apprehended. It all comes wrapped in the package of Beth and Duane knowing she faced probable death from her stage 4 throat cancer. As Beth says in the previews, "If I'm gonna die, I'll die with my boots on." So much courage, so much zest for life brings both admiration and tears to her fans.

While WGNA and Duane Chapman started pushing the premiere a while back, fans of Beth Chapman probably started even before the official drive. They formed groups across social media for Beth to pray her through her cancer.

They mourned extensively when she died. Plus, they all hold on for the show that Beth looked forward to watching but won't now. In fact, many fans of the show already stockpiled their tissues, as it's gonna be a tear-jerker.

Tweet-Fest for 'Dog's Most Wanted' involves just two dedicated tags

Across Twitter, the hashtags dedicated to the premiere get spread by fan groups, and this makes it easy for fans to all get involved.

@bobbybrown719, @thydester, and many others all put out similar messages to this one: "#ThisOnesForBeth #DogsMostWanted YEP, include these #Hashtags JOIN in on the amazing #TweetFest during the #Premier of #DogsMostWanted. Grab the KLEENEX for tears of joy Being able to SEE #BethChapman on a MISSION to be at #DOGS side for every SHOW in season 1 She died working RT."

As various people point out, during the premiere, fans need not even comment if they don't want to.

However, searching for those hashtags on Twitter will take you to what should become a major tribute to Beth Champman of "Dog The Bounty Hunter" and her final series. In fact, some people are already using the hashtags as the marathon look-back's already started with the "Dog Pound."

Duane promised a side of Beth never seen before in the upcoming 'Dog's Most Wanted'

A week ahead of the premiere I noted that "The spinoff of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" brings the last we'll see of Beth Chapman who sadly passed away from her cancer on July 26 in Honolulu, Hawaii." While speaking to Noah on the iHollywoodTV channel on YouTube, he said that fans will see "[scenes] of Beth they've never seen before." it looks like Beth seriously never intended to show much of her deep inside feelings in the old shows.

But, this time, they'll deliver the vulnerable side to beautiful Beth as she dances her last waltz through life in front of the cameras.

Hold onto your seats as they promise to take us on a"rocking ride" and don't forget those tissues. It certainly sounds like you're gonna need them. Remember to use the dedicated hashtags for the Tweet-fest during WGNA's premiere on Wednesday.

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