The aftermath of "The Bold and the Beautiful" baby switch continues to astound viewers. Executive producer Brad Bell said things would not be finalized until November and it looks like this will pan out. Now, Dollar Bill and Ridge are both fighting tooth and nail related to Thomas, but each man is seeking a different outcome than the other. On Friday, Ridge listened as his son came clean about the night that Emma died. Thomas expected his dad to turn his back on him but instead, he has his support. The rumor mill says a deal will be made with detective Sanchez, that will free both Flo and Thomas. Meanwhile, Bill Spencer is seeking Brooke to help him make her stepson pay for his crimes.

Dollar Bill wants Thomas to pay

Soap Opera Spy says that Dollar Bill Spencer will be on a mission to see that Thomas pays for his role in Emma's death. On Friday he talked to Brooke and tried to enlist her help, but she was hesitant. Ridge and Taylor's son is responsible for Justin's niece crashing her vehicle and he kept Beth from Liam and Hope. "B&B" rumors say that the owner of Spencer Publications will not stop until he finds evidence to put his great nephew's father away for a long time.

Bill will face fierce opposition from Ridge who is just as eager to keep his son out of prison. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that a deal may be made with detective Sanchez that will set Thomas and Flo free from prison.

It's possible that Ridge may get Flo to change her story so things will be more favorable for his son. On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Thomas told his dad that he cleared his GPS so there would be no evidence to prove that he was anywhere near Emma's accident. There is still footage of him pulling out of the Forrester parking lot immediately after Ms.

Barber and Xander knows this.

Ridge may get his son set free

Previous "B&B" rumors say that Xander and Zoe will return and beg for another chance. Ridge might possibly offer them their jobs back if they change their stories and help his son. Brooke and Dollar Bill will be outraged if Thomas does not have to pay for all he has done.

This will cause more problems for "Bridge" and probably reunite end their marriage. Rumors say Bill and Brooke may reunite which will devastate Katie.

Thomas told detective Sanchez that his fall was an accident but it's not clear how Ridge will get him to close the case on Emma. Be sure to watch the upcoming episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" because they are going to be exciting. At some point, Taylor surely will show up to check on her son, who is as emotionally unstable as she is. There will surely be much conflict with Hope and Steffy's mother's which will increase the tension all around.