The rumor mill, for "The Bold and the Beautiful," indicates that the baby swap aftermath will cause shakeups in several relationships. Ridge and Brooke have been on rocky ground since the news first broke that Thomas was involved. They are going to fight and he will walk out and go to the Bikini bar. Ridge will become so drunk he passes out and Shauna will take him home. Brooke is going to find herself leaning on Eric and Bill to deal with all the drama. Meanwhile, after Flo gets out of jail, she will immediately attempt to seek forgiveness from Wyatt but he has moved on with Sally.

Misses Spectra and Fulton will then begin a tug of war to see who gets their man.

Ridge puts the final nail in marriage to Brooke

Soap Dirt alludes to a deal that Ridge will make which began on Tuesday. He agreed with Detective Sanchez that he should drop charges against Flo so that Thomas will avoid prosecution. The "B&B" rumor mill indicates that Brooke will be livid because she wants her stepson to pay for his crimes. The couple will argue and Ridge will go get drunk at the Bikini Bar. He will pass out and Shauna will get Danny the bartender to help her take Ridge to her place and put him in her bed.

Initially, this sounded like revenge, but Shauna is grateful that Brooke's spouse got her daughter out of jail.

Ms. Fulton could simply be trying to help the man who came through for Flo, so he can sleep it off. She also might be angry at Brooke for the way she reacted to Flo's part in the baby switch. "The Bold and the Beautiful" has not yet made the motive clear but this may be the final nail in the coffin of the Bridge marriage.

Sally and Flo fight or Wyatt

Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that, when Flo gets out of jail, she will head straight to Wyatt. She will find that he went back to Sally as quickly as he dropped the redhead for Ms. Fulton. The two women will each attempt to stake their claim and a new "B&B" love triangle may begin. Both Flo and her mother may end up taking men from other women.

If Wyatt is anything like his brother, he will find himself in a constant love triangle, going back and forth between Sally and Flo. Each woman is determined to have him, so this should be interesting for viewers to watch.

Once Ridge and Brooke hit the point of no return, "B&B" will probably have her back in Bill's arms in record time. She also could decide not to hurt Katie, and end up battling Quinn for Eric. Shauna told Ridge on Tuesday that she would do anything for him and she gave him a big hug. He was reluctant to return the embrace but this may be the beginning of something between these two. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM on CBS to keep up with the Logans, Forrestgers, and Spencers.