Barbara Evans, the mother of Jenelle Evans, recently spoke to Radar Online about her former role on "Teen Mom 2" and MTV's decision to allow Amber Portwood to continue to appear on "Teen Mom OG." As fans may have heard, Jenelle and her family were kicked off of their show after Jenelle's husband, David Eason, killed their family dog. Meanwhile, Amber, who was arrested for domestic battery in July, retained her role on her own reality show.

Speaking to Radar Online, Barbara wondered why she and Jenelle were stripped from their roles on their show, and of their MTV paychecks, when neither of them did anything wrong.

As she explained, she and Jenelle had been appearing on the series for ten years, but earlier this year, the network stopped filming their story and later brought "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" cast member Jade Cline to replace them.

According to Barbara, she doesn't believe it was fair for MTV to get rid of her and her family when they did nothing but keep Amber on their show when she allegedly attacked her former boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, and reportedly made a number of physical threats against him in a series of leaked audiotapes that were shared weeks later.

Barbara Evans was paid as a full-time member of 'Teen Mom 2'

“[Jenelle Evans] and I made the same amount of money,” Barbara Evans revealed to Radar Online.

According to Barbara, she made just as much as all of the other girls on the show, including Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Messer. While MTV has never confirmed how much any of their cast members are paid, the outlet explained that court documents have revealed Jenelle's salary as $400,000 per season. So, when it comes to Barbara losing her role on the series, she's certainly going to go through some lifestyle changes without her steep salary coming in.

Amber Portwood was reportedly abusive to Andrew Glennon

While Amber Portwood has not yet been convicted of any crime, a number of leaked audiotapes have shared some shocking information regarding what allegedly went down between her and Andrew Glennon during their two-year relationship. In one, Amber was heard screaming at Andrew for waking her up for a 2 PM appointment.

“If you don’t pick him up you f**king fat piece of s**t I’m going to f**king stab you,” Amber was reportedly heard saying in the clip. “Get your fat a** up and get him,” the reality star added. Then, when Andrew asked Amber why she was so abusive towards him, she told him he was disgusting and abusive to her and said she found him to be "ugly." She even accused her now-ex-partner of using her body but didn't explain how he did so.

"Teen Mom 2" season 9b is currently airing on Tuesday nights at 8 PM on MTV.