''General Hospital'' (GH) rumors regarding upcoming broadcast episodes on ABC say that Shiloh will completely lose control. As Daily Soap Dish writes, Shiloh may not be satisfied with the money requested. Precisely for this reason, Wiley will be in danger. It's not excluded that the head of the DoD may kidnap him. If that happens, Brad will have to confess the truth about the child. Besides, Sam will be in a very dangerous situation. The person responsible will once again be Shiloh. Jason, worried about her, will try to protect her. According to Soap Dirt, Chase will take someone to the hospital in ''GH'' episodes this week.

Is it Sam? Other rumors reveal that Carly will also have to rush to the hospital. It seems that her pregnancy is at risk. Carly knows she's expecting a baby with spina bifida and that's why she's going to be very worried.

'General Hospital': Shiloh ready for final vengeance

It's impossible to miss the next ''General Hospital'' episodes broadcast on ABC in the coming days. There will be a kidnapping and so many secrets that will come to light and lies will further complicate the storylines. The great protagonist will be Shiloh Archer, in the race for his life. However, before seeing the crazy Archer away from Port Charles, there will still be several events. In this regard, it is not excluded that there is a drama with Wiley, as reported by Daily Soap Dish.

Other ''GH'' rumors suggest that Sam will put a lot of effort into finding Shiloh. Sam will end up in big trouble.

In this regard, Jason will be very concerned about Sam. According to Daily Soap Dish, we can tell you that Sam may find himself in a dangerous situation because of Shiloh. Jason will be ready to save her for the umpteenth time.

In the weekly ''GH'' episodes, Archer's madness will explode out of control. It seems that Shiloh kidnaps Wiley to put his final vengeance into effect before the big farewell.

Brad ready to confess the truth about Wiley in 'General Hospital' next episodes

According to Daily Soap Dish, in the next ''General Hospital'' episodes, Brad will finally manage to open up and apologize for his mistakes.

Brad could then confess to Willow the truth about her dead child. If Shiloh is planning to kidnap Wiley, it could be the perfect opportunity for Brad to tell the truth. This storyline is going to get complicated and many secrets will have to be brought to light.

Also, Carly will be forced to run to the hospital. In all likelihood, she will face medical problems related to her difficult pregnancy. Chase, on the other hand, will bring a person in serious condition to the hospital. Will it be Sam? We are waiting for the next ''General Hospital'' episodes on ABC to find out what will happen in Port Charles.