Andrew Cain left Port Charles to find Andre Maddox and bring him back to town to help Franco. On Tuesday, Anthony Montgomery reprised his role and his character ended up as a patient at "General Hospital" but Drew was nowhere in sight. On Wednesday, Epiphany delivered the bad news to Jordan that Dr. Maddox was hospitalized. Along with Jason and Mac, the police commissioner found out that her former lover had two stab wounds in his abdomen. At the end of the episode, Peter August was standing in the hospital room of the man who once dated his mother.

He may be so desperate to hide his secret that he becomes responsible for two murders.

Anthony Montgomery back in action on 'GH'

Dr Maddox left Port Charles some time ago, but his name was mentioned often, usually in connection with Andrew. A few weeks ago Andrew Cane left Port Charles in order to find the man who gave him his twin's memories. On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital" Jordan was shocked to see Andre lying in a hospital bed and no sign of Drew. On Wednesday Max Scorpio, the new chief of detectives was called in and Jason Morgan also arrived at the nurse's station seeking answers.

Epiphany said she could not give any answers with Jason in the midst when Mac and Jordan said that the was working with them.

Nurse Johnson replied sarcastically, "Fine with me," and told the trio that Andre Maddox had two knife wounds in his abdomen. There has been no word from spoilers or rumors as to whether or not Anthony Montgomery's character will live or die, but with Petr in his room, something bad will probably happen, unless he is interrupted.

Andre Maddox may not live long enough to give answers

"General Hospital" could have had Andre Maddox die off-screen, considering he was no longer a part of the ABC daytime drama. Now that Billy Miller has left his role as Drew and Franco now has Andrew Cane's memories, Dr. Maddox is probably needed in Port Charles in order to give answers that only he has.

There does not seem much of a point If the character was brought back just to have Peter knock him off within a few hours of his arrival. Andre may be the only one who can help Franco and if he dies, so does his research,

Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and rumors that give an idea of what can be expected in the near future. Continue enjoying the antics in Port Charles by tuning in weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Anthony Montgomery's character could recover from his wounds and shed light on several situations that are currently troubling Port Charles residents. If he happens to expose Peter for working with Helena Cassadine, then Anna's son will fall into the hands of Maxie's stepdad who is the new head detective, and his elder brother Robert, who is now the town District Attorney.