"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" brings us Deavan Clegg and her Korean guy Jihoon. In the show, we also see quite a bit of her daughter Drascilla, by another man. Plus, they now also have a beautiful little boy named Taeyang. Fans saw the C-section birth of Taeyang on a recent episode of the TLC show. But we never saw a single shot of Drascilla's dad. In fact, fans really want to know about him and ask her on her IG about it. So, Deavan talked a bit about him on her Instagram Stories, but she's reluctant to share too much.

Deavan Clegg of '90 Day Fiance' gets asked about Drascilla's dad often

Deavan keeps fans updated regularly on her Instagram. But, she never mentions or shares photos of Drascilla's dad. Actually, some fans wonder how come he let her take his daughter to Korea. In the show, we saw her leave Drascilla behind with her parents when she and Taeyang first went to Korea. But, over on her YouTube, we see her in Korea. Plus videos on her IG account show her with Jihoon and all the signs are in Korean.

On her various Instagram posts, "90 Day Fiance" fans so often ask where Drascilla's dad is, or even who he is. Deavan kept silent for a long time, and some people started wondering if he's dead. After all, her co-star Tiffany lost her son's dad in a tragic accident.

Others wondered if perhaps he would just appear on a segment of the show one day, but it seems unlikely, given what Deavan told fans on Wednesday, September 4.

Talking to '90 Day Fiance' fans about her daughter's dad comes reluctantly.

It turns out there's a sad story behind Drascilla's dad and her mom, Deavan Clegg. Actually, in the light of what she said about him, even non-fans might wish her well with Jihoon.

In her IG story, Deavan said, "People are messaging and commenting asking where Drascilla's bio father is." Perhaps those fans may regret asking such personal questions, as it seems like bad experience all around for the "90 Day Fiance" star. Actually, it may explain why we seldom see Deavan smile much.

Continuing with her IG story, Deavan said, "This is a sensitive subject." She added that she just wishes "everybody would just stop." Then came the sad bit.

Deavan said, "I escaped a very abusive relationship." The "90 Day Fiance" star added, "I am recovering from it." In conclusion, she noted, "please stop asking," and said that she would "address] it later." Well, that's not what fans hoped to hear. No doubt, they'll perhaps feel a bit bad for intruding so far into her life.

No-one lives in a vacuum, maybe Deavan can help others via her '90 Day Fiance' fame

While Deavan made no mention of it, it may turn out that she speaks up for others who suffer in abusive relationships.

After all, many of the TLC cast members find a reasonably big platform after being on the show. For example, "90dayfiancenews" on Instagram reported that Darcey, Tim, and Avery of "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days," recently spoke up in support a bullied 12-year-old fan. It takes a lot of courage to get out of an abusive relationship, and one day, perhaps she'll be able to reach out to help followers who suffer in a similar situation.

What do you think about Deavan Clegg talking about Drascilla's dad? Do you understand now, why she's reluctant to share too much?

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