"The Bold and the Beautiful" rumor mill is announcing that actress Tisha Campbell will guest star on the show on October 4. She will portray Dr. Campbell who is treating a popular character for a health issue. Vincent Irizarry was portraying Dr. Jordan who cared for Thomas after his fall. Campbell will likely be a heart specialist who is called in for Katie due to her medical condition. Rumors indicate that Katie will argue with Flo because she kept Hope from Beth and shortly after will have issues with her heart. Campbell began acting as a child and is best known for her role as Gina on the sitcom Martin.

Tisha Cambell joins 'B&B'

Soap Opera Spy and Sopa Dirt both confirm that Tisha Campbell will guest star on "The Bold and the Beautiful" next month. The actress is scheduled to appear on October 4 as Dr. Davis. Soap Dirt says she will be treating a popular character who has a medical condition. This sounds like it might be Katie, who has had a heart transplant. The rumor mill indicates that after arguing with Flo, Katie will have some type of episode and end up in the hospital where she finds she has issues with her heart.

It's not known yet if this will be a one-time appearance for Tisha Campbell or if she will return to the CBS daytime drama. Soap Veteran Vincent Irizarry was recently on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for several episodes as Dr.

Jordan, the physician who took care of Thomas Forrester after his fall. There has been no indication the role will turn into a permanent one. If Katie is having cardiac issues she will probably be in the hospital for a while, so perhaps Ms. Campbell may stick around.

The fallout continues from 'B&B' baby swap

Bradley Bell, executive producer for "The Bold and the Beautiful" said in April that the baby swap would not be finalized until November sweeps.

Liam and Hope have been reunited with Beth but the fallout just keeps coming. Brooke and Donna each have had a chance to let Flo know what they thought of her actions and now rumors say Katie will have her turn. The stress will be too much and she will end up in the hospital. Her former stepson Thomas is already a patient as a result of keeping the secret that Beth was alive.

Now it seems as he is being released, Katie will be admitted.

Bradley Bell promised there would be more twists and turns related to the Phoebe/Beth reveal and Katie having problems with her heart is not one that anybody saw coming. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and "B&B" rumors to update this intriguing storyline. Continue watching the drama with the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans each weekday afternoon on CBS at 1:30 PM EST. Be sure to tune in on October 4 to see Tisha Campbell debut as Dr. Davis.