"90 Day Fiance" fans read the tabloids who suggested Aladin and Laura split after the "jiggy jig" episode revealed Laura talking about him between the sheets. Actually, she told national television that airs pretty much around the world over time, that he's no good. Shortly after that, Aladin posted up on his Instagram about not being respected. The next thing, he removed all photos of Laura from his account. A rumor on Reddit emerged that Laura returned to the USA. Now, she posted up a photo of them back in Qatar, but fans grow skeptical. In fact, she captioned it as though it's current, but that makes them doubt her even more.

Did Laura share an old photo with '90 Day Fiance' fans?

TLC cast members who come from the USA get strict contracts not to spoil the show. That may account for Laura continuing to follow Aladin on his IG and posting about her life in Qatar and Tunisia. However, fans remain convinced that Aladin's behavior points to a split. After all, he's Muslim and talking about how she feels he fails in the fun department on television's actually very disrespectful. Plus, Arab commenters on the various "90 Day Fiance" IG posts all say producing the special self-pleasing toy would be an insult to his manhood.

While many cast members put up and take down pictures often, fans remain sharp-eyed and keen to spot almost any slight error they make.

Several fans seemed convinced the photo Laura posted up on Wednesday night is actually old. @asilemlorac commented, "it's an old pic l saw on here a while back." Meanwhile, @chronic_betch noted, "exactly!! I wish they had worked out. I really liked them together. But I understand the cultural difference making it difficult for an independent American woman."

Qatar together caption makes fans skeptical

"90 Day Fiance" fans love speculating on the current situation of the various cast members.

However, they also know that laura would need to keep the story going the way TLC wants it. So, she could post pics that look and sound current but aren't. Laura captioned it with, "Back in Qatar with our friends. I love my husband he is my life, joy, and together we can accomplish anything!" Hmm. Nice sentiment, but fans simply don't buy it.

"She prob had to post this for tlc since the rumors about her being back in the states are going around," commented chronic-betch.

Follower @instablondie expressed what so many fans feel about these rumors. They noted, "So many rumors about them being separated. And I know she can't really say the truth because of TLC. I hope she's not lying for the gram. Because I like her and can't stand liars. Time will tell. Hope all is well." But most people simply say it's obvious the couple divorced. The posting of current simply pictures makes them believe the split rumors even more.

What do you think about all of this? Do you think Laura posts old pictures up to try and convince fans that she and Aladin remain together? Or, is this part an elaborate faked storyline like the one we saw with Ashley Martson and Jay Smith?

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