TLC hit series "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" has provided fans with regular entertainment as we follow the different couples on the show on their quest to find love despite the many obstacles that come up. On the latest episode of the show, we follow 60-year-old Jenny Slatten and her 30-year-old boyfriend Sumit.

Secret marriage revealed

According to All About The Tea, in the most recent episode, Jenny is left frustrated by Sumit for not standing up to his parents about their relationship. Sumit also tells Jenny that they would not hold a ring ceremony that he had promised her.

All this leaves Jenny feeling disappointed. Sumit feels guilty for making Jenny feel that she cannot trust him after he catfished her and now he is going back on his promises. Jenny’s visa is close to expiring, which compounds her worries as the 90 days are also near an end along with any hope of securing the relationship. The bombshell, however, occurs at the end of the episode in a preview for the next episode. Jenny is shown crying after finding out that Sumit has a secret marriage.

Social media leaks

Fans, on social media, have disputed the big reveal and it is now emerging that the secret marriage may not have been that secret after all. On the show, Jenny and Sumit have stated that they have been together for 7 years.

Inconsistencies have begun to emerge in the timeline of their relationship especially regarding how much of it is real. An individual, claiming to be Jenny's cousin, took to social media and said that Jenny was well aware of Sumit’s marriage well before the reveal on the show. Later, started doing rounds on social media showing Jenny with Sumit’s mother and another family member from a 2013 Facebook post.

Jenny and Sumit still together

The above information has left fans feeling shortchanged since they really sympathized with Jenny and her reaction to finding out about Sumit’s secret marriage on the show. Jenny and Sumit started dating 7 years ago when Sumit posed as a male model on Facebook in his bid to woo the 60-year-old Jenny.

Even though the leaks and rumors continue to circulate on the internet, the couple appears to be working out their issues and are still going strong as can be seen in pictures on Jenny’s Instagram account.

Fans continue to question the authenticity of their story and the relationship altogether. Notably, Jenny being recently spotted in the US without Sumit created doubts among fans regarding their relationship. It will be interesting to see whether the couple will continue to stay together. Stay tuned for more news and updates on entertainment and TV Shows. Don't forget to subscribe to the Blasting News entertainment channel.