"90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk's" in its second season. Fans of the TLC franchise mostly seem to enjoy it as it brings humor to the other shows. In September, the show brings new faces in as those who comment on other couples as "90 Day Fiance" plays out. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei feature from September 15 and already, on her IG stories, Andrei telegraphs what angle he's taking.

Andrei from Moldova's seen as controlling and demanding in '90 Day Fiance'

Oddly, the other newcomers to "Pillow Talk" include Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie. Debbie grew a reputation among "90 Day Fiance" fans as being too controlling of Colt.

In fact, many of them view the two as perhaps a little too close. That resulted in Larissa Lima feeling her marriage would never work. So, with 'controlling Debbie' and the newly personified 'Savage Colt' on IG, we can expect some harsh criticism from them. Plus, with Andrei, often called an example of toxic masculinity, it looks like the show could almost become a kangaroo court.

We'll have to see how that all plays out. But, fans know Andrei's attitude to marriage varies greatly from USA relationships. We saw him in "90 Day Fiance," clashing with Elizabeth Potthast's family. In particular, her sisters never liked his conservative views about marriage. They never accepted she should subject herself to him being an authoritative figure.

Nevertheless, she mostly went along with him anyway. But, her father employed her part-time, and Andrei wasn't working, so even the free house they lived in became an issue after dad got critical. With a baby on the way and almost no money, they moved out as Andrei wished.

'Pillow Talk' - Andrei telegraphs his gameplay on Elizabeth Potthast's IG

These days, things seem to have improved a bit with Elizabeth's father. Somehow, grandchildren have that effect. They raise their baby together and she often shares pictures of Andrei enjoying parenting. On the surface of it, they seem happy enough. But, we seldom see Andrei being overly controlling off the TLC screen.

Perhaps some of that got emphasized by TLC in the edits of "90 Day Fiance." Nevertheless, it looks like he fully intends to be the abrupt, domineering, and controlling personality so many fans despise.

On her IG Stories, Elizabeth shared a short video about them coming to "Pillow Talk." She sounds really excited. In it, she said, "Hey guys, guess what?" But then, Andrei interrupted, getting his face in her camera. "Guess What!" he said, aggressively. "Pillow Talk time - that's What!" he added. Meanwhile, Elizabeth tried to talk nicely. "We're going to be on the next season of Pillow Talk." In his best Russian mafia take-off, Andrei points at the camera, saying, "Oh Yeah!

Tune in!" Elizabeth continues by saying "it's going to be so hilarious and we can't wait for your reactions."

Expect '90 Day Fiance's' Andrei to be controlling and very critical

From his demeanor, it looks like Andrei fully intends to play it from a controlling, dominating, and demanding point of view. In fact, I can already imagine him saying, "You are stupid, leave that man, you idiot." Plus, we should expect a lot of finger-pointing at the screen, and probably the camera crew as he makes his feelings known.

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" can recall that "finger baton" gesture from previous shows.

Actually, it was commonly used by Bill Clinton and the infamous leader of war-torn Germany. The Body Language Project tells us it means, “I’m going to hammer my point home by beating it into your brain… one, word, at, a, time!” So, yes judging from his body language and verbal language on Elizabeth Potthast's IG story - we should probably expect a rather aggressive and critical Andrei. But, would you expect anything else?

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