Tamron Hall, ABC's newest daytime talk show host will make a guest appearance Friday on "General Hospital." It is not known if she will portray herself or another character, but the rumor is that she will interact with Jax and Maxie. The trio will be working on some type of project together, but details are not known. On Thursday, Jax told Nina and Valentin that Drew's plane crashed and that Andrew Cane is presumed dead. Jasper is now the sole head of Arora Media. He may need some type of help with the company or it could be related to trying to find Drew's body.

A preview for Friday's episode did not give any clues so viewers will have to tune in.

Tamron Hall comes to General Hospital

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Tamron Hall will be a part of the action in Port Charles on Friday. Hall is the host of an ABC daytime talk show that bears her name. She will be working with Maxie and Jax on a project but that's all that is known. Jasper Jax has quite a few irons in the fire right now and is pretty busy. He is trying to console Josslyn who skipped school because she is grieving for Oscar. He is concerned about Carly's high-risk pregnancy and the fact that a teenage Dev is under the same roof as his daughter. All the while, smiling in Sonny's face while trying to get under his skin.

Jasper Jax is also working with Hayden Barnes in an attempt to find a codicil to the will that would give Wyndemere back to Spencer. Now, with Drew presumed dead, he has to run the entire Aurora Media business by himself. He and Maxie do not really have any interactions so it will be interesting to find out what they are up to and how Tamron Hall fits into the scheme of things for one day.

The excitement is building on 'GH'

Be sure to look for Tamron Hall on Friday and find out what she is up to with Jax and Maxie. Continue watching next week so you don't miss any of the exciting "General Hospital" episodes that are coming up. Soap Dirt indicates that Curtis and Laura will make a surprising discovery behind a locked door and fans are hoping it will be Nikolas.

The rumor mill has not given any clues so it could be anyone. Curtis is supposed to be working for Jax and Hayden but it looks like he and Laura will team up again to solve this mystery,

Tune into the action in Port Charles each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. With Drew presumed dead, Franco implanted with his memories, and Obrecht holding the key to two big secrets, things will be pretty exciting on "General Hospital". Good luck to Tamron Hall on her new daytime talk show which debuted Monday, September 9 on ABC. Air times for the program vary based on location so check your local listings. Kudo's to Ms. Hall for getting a role on "GH."