Elizabeth Hendrickson and Greg Rikaart are back in "The Young and the Restless" (Y&R) broadcast on CBC as Chloe and Kevin. Their return has undoubtedly made fans of the long-running soap opera happy. Michael Freeman met them for an interesting interview. Greg Rikaart, before landing in ''Y&R'' had taken part in the equally successful soap operas ''Days of Our Lives,'' aired on CBS, playing Leo. This happened fourteen years earlier. Elizabeth Hendrickson, on the other hand, was Margaux Dawson in ''General Hospital'' from May 29, 2018, until June 18, 2019.

Margaux left Port Charles after threatening the dangerous Shiloh Archer, head of the DoD.

Michael Freeman interviews Elizabeth Hendrickson and Greg Rikaart of 'The Young and the Restless'

Why did the two actors return to Genoa City? To Michael Freeman's curious question, Elizabeth replied that she was a bit surprised when she received the call for ''The Young and the Restless'' production. However, the actress stated that she had already sensed a call might come as the characters of Chole and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) were returning to the soap opera on CBS.

Elizabeth then, had already realized that the storyline with the return of Chelsea was already very likely. Liz then told Michael Freeman that she was very happy to be part of the soap opera again, especially after being able to work with Greg Rikaart.

Liz continued her interview by telling that Greg was also really excited when he received the call to return to ''The Young and the Restless''.

Elizabeth Hendrickson talks about Billy's madness in 'The Young and the Restless'

In previous episodes of ''The Young and the Restless,'' Chloe and Kevin joined forces to kidnap Billy, after he, completely out of control, attempted to assassinate Adam.

Subsequently, Billy was knocked out by Kevin, who injected him with a syringe full of drugs. In this regard, Liz, in the interview with Michael Freeman, talked about Billy's worsening mental health and his revenge against Adam.

In this regard, she stated that: Chloe is aware that Delia also wouldn't want her father to take revenge.'' In addition, Elizabeth talked about working alongside Jason Thompson, saying that the actor is really extraordinary, both on set and in his private life.

Greg Rikaart then added something about their return to the soap. The actor is sure that their fans are very happy that Chloe and Kevin are back in Genoa City and all that does is make him even more satisfied with his work. Moreover, he's always been convinced that fans of his character would miss him. Are you happy with Chloe and Kevin's return in "The Young and the Restless''?