"90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk" brought Kalani and Asuelu back to the screens of TLC on September 15. Previously, we saw the couple on season 6 of "90 Day Fiance." Reportedly happily married with kids, Oliver and Kennedy, not everything sounds like roses. In fact, Kalani dropped a hint that Asuelu lets her earn the income and do all the child-rearing and household chores. Genuinely interested, some fans wonder what the cultural status is in Samoa, Asuelu's homeland. And, it seems if that's what's going on, it's not necessarily something all Samoan men practice.

Kalani runs a poll on IG, hints '90 Day Fiance' husband, Asuelu's not earning or helping out

Taking to her Instagram, Kalani ran a poll. Later, @87anonymousgossip shared the results of the poll. In her poll, Kalani asked, "Do all husbands expect their wives to pay the bills, clean the whole house, do all the laundry, feed/watch the kids 24?" The hint that this goes down with her and Asuelu came next. She added, "Unless said husband is in public or wants a selfie." Plus, she added, "Asking for my gottdamn self." Perhaps she just wanted a general discussion, but the fact she's asking for herself and talks about hubby and a selfie is a good hint she means Asuelu.

One "90 Day Fiance" fan mentioned that's the "island-style" life.

But as their IG doesn't show where they live, we can't presume they actually know that. Another fan of "90 Day Fiance" commented that it's hard to say if it's a cultural thing from Samoa. Some Samoan-wedded and ordinary American women noted that it's pretty normal, but they referred to their men paying the bills, and earning the main income.

In Kalani's poll, she seemed to suggest she earns and pays the bills as well as everything else.

Is it normal in Samoan culture for women to do everything?

Checking out Samoan culture and the family brings few hard and fast answers. Actually, in some ways, traditional roles almost become entirely reversed from the man as the breadwinner.

According to Cultural Atlas, "Women often maintain the home and take care of children, whilst men are seen as the primary income providers." However, if that once was the case, it seems society's very flexible. Certainly in these days where levels of poverty mean women can be usefully employed in agriculture.

Some interesting figures emerge from The Food and Agriculture Organization. Perhaps they would interest "90 Day Fiance's" Kalani. An agricultural study found that "the overwhelming majority of farm operators are male." But, "many women contribute to agricultural work and particularly trading." However, men still do assist with cooking. In fact, a stunning figure emerges in the age groups of 10 to 24.

Men undertake more cooking chores than women.

Men in Samoa do help with washing and kids, unlike hint on '90 Day Fiance's' Asuelu

Other statistics from the same study, titled, "Rural women in household production: Increasing contributions and persisting drudgery," shows men also do the washing and help look after the kids. In the same age groups, women contribute about 3/4 towards those chores. So, yes not all men don't help out. Another interesting fact is that when women aren't around, sometimes boys and men will take over their roles in the home.

The Samoa Observer noted, "One of the unique features of the Samoan culture is the respect accorded by men to women.

In different households, for example, the men generally serve their sisters by performing the hard labour chores."

Fact for '90 Day' fans - Samoa has a third gender

Samoa widely accepts a third gender. Known as the Fa’afafine, in the absence of women a male takes over the role of all the household chores. Some kids get raised in the role from young childhood. MSN explains the term means they are 'in the manner of a woman.'" So, it looks like Samoa there's men who help out, especially if they can't be the breadwinner. They help out if the woman's not around. They help out their sisters anyway, and they try and bring in the loot if they can.

It should be noted that according to these studies, the basic culture of the Samoans varies little between Western Samoa and US Samoa.

The two island territories lie less than 200 miles apart. Perhaps "90 Day Fiance's" Kalani's getting a raw deal, if we go by the hints in her poll, that Asuelu expects her to earn and pay the bills, and do all the household chores by herself. Of course, we can't say for certain she meant Asuelu, but certainly, most fans took it that way.

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