During the next two weeks on "The Bold and the Beautiful," the tension between Brooke and her stepson will escalate. Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that another showdown is coming, but it will not end in anyone being physically hurt. At this time, Thomas can only have supervised visits with his son, but he will take advantage of Katie's condition to see his child on his own. Ridge will catch Thomas and he will try to talk his way out of the situation. Brooke, however, will get into a shouting match with her husband's son and it will not be pretty.

The altercation will get to the point where Thomas will be told by his stepmom that he needs to leave his home. This is probably not going to sit well with his father.

Brooke is destroying her marriage

"The Bold and the Beautiful" writers seem to be setting Brooke up to destroy her marriage, one step at a time. She and Ridge were not in agreement over when Beth should be removed from Steffy's home, and they disagreed on how to handle the revelation that Thomas knew that Hope's child was alive and tricked her into marriage. Ridge's wife did not agree with getting Flo out of jail and asked him to never have anything to do with Ms. Fulton or her mother again. Unknown to Brooke is the fact that Shauna is the one who helped her spouse when he was too drunk to make it home.

Ridge and Shauna spent the night in the same bed, although nothing happened between them. They agreed to keep this secret, so there is already a bond between them. Shauna also told Ridge that she appreciated him, even if his wife did not and on Friday he recalled the moment. Now, according to CDL, Brooke will drive a deeper wedge between herself and her husband by trying to put his son out of the house.

Katie collapsed on Friday and the "B&B" rumor mill says she needs a new kidney. Thomas will sneak in to see Douglas while everyone else is at the hospital with Katie.

Thomas and Shauna plan to destroy the Logans

Soap Dirt says that within the next two weeks, both Thomas and Shauna will have agenda's where the Logan family is concerned.

Ridge's son will be furious that Hope dumped him for Liam, and that her mother wants him away from his son. The "B&B" rumor mill also teases that Liam and Hope may try to get legal custody of Douglas, which will infuriate both Ridge and Thomas. Brooke will no doubt side with her daughter, which will create more tensions in her marriage. It's not clear what Thomas will do, but he will obviously cause some major damage.

Soap Dirt says that Shauna will ignore her daughter's warnings to leave the Logans alone and will continue to fantasize about Ridge. The "B&B" rumor mill says she will begin stalking Brooke's husband. Rumors suggest Flo will be the kidney donor to save Katie's life and her mom will probably milk this for all it is worth. She wants Ridge Forrester and the life he can provide and to stick it to her daughter's aunt at the same time.