Some viewers of "The Young and the Restless" have suspected that the absence of Lily's ex could be related to Amanda Sinclair coming to Genoa City and the rumor mill suggests this is indeed the case. Neil and Devon were pretty harsh on Cane and refused to help him during a time of need. He has now lost Lily, the twins are in college, and he has sold the house. Mr. Ashby left his job at Chancellor and was not able to begin a relationship with Traci. On Monday, the Hilary look-alike will read from the alleged true last will and testament of Katherine Chancellor and it will declare that her entire billion-dollar estate is bequeathed to Cane.

Cane Asby is his father's son

It is possible that, without Lily, Cane is reverting into the jerk he was when he first came to Genoa City. He was posing as Phillip Chancellor the third and said that he was working with Chance, The two could be jealous that Katherine left her billions to Devon and devised another scheme. If Cane did bring in Amanda Sinclair because she looks just like Hilary then he is pretty devious. No matter what happened between him and Lily, Devon is still his children's uncle. "Y&R" rumors suggest that some answers will begin to come this week and, on Monday, the bomb is to be dropped by Amanda.

If Cane Ashby is involved, or even the mastermind behind all of this, he will be setting himself up for a fall with Jill as well as others in Genoa City.

He will be proving the old adage that the apple does not fall far from the tree and showing he is just as crafty as his father Colin. It would be interesting to find out that Jill's ex is in on this too as a way to get back at her for divorcing him as well as get his hands on some quick money. Whoever hired Amanda because she looks just like Hilary is showing themselves to be very cruel indeed.

Jill will get to the bottom of this issue for Devon

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Jill will leave no stone unturned and is determined to get to the bottom of this and help Devon maintain his inheritance. Soap Dirt says that Cane returns this week and will spend a lot of time with his brother-in-law. "Y&R" fans should pay close attention, on Monday, as the Hilary doppelganger announces that Cane is the sole heir to the Chancellor fortune.

Daniel Goddard has been away from "The Young and the Restless," for a while, but returns on Monday and has a conversation with Jill. When she gets the call, about the will, her stepson says he will tag along for moral support. Once everyone is gathered, Amanda Sinclair will begin reading and announce that Katherine wanted Cane and not Devon to have her legacy. Cane Ashby lid his way into devised the family and is not even a blood relative. Perhaps he and Chance devised this scheme and are planning to split the money after giving Amanda her cut. Jill is going to be outraged but she probably will get to the root of the matter., so stay tuned.