"90 Day Fiance" sees some hectic stories over time, but the Laura and Aladin story's so hot, fans term it #LauraGate. Laura keeps protesting her innocence over the story that she got pregnant and suffered an ectopic pregnancy. In fact, one of her IG Live vids saw her tell people who think they know what's going on to stay out of her "vag-gee-gee." Hmm, not a nice sort of family TV show topic, some fans think. Anyway, now the hottest TLC scandal got racked up a bit more in heat-stakes after Deavan Clegg got involved. She called out Laura on her lies.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' get hot for the #LauraGate tea

While fans protest that Laura lied about her pregnancy, many of them simply can't wait for the spilled tea to get hotter. After all, this scandal's rocking TLC social media and everyone's agog. Some come with the horror-shock attitudes, others actually admit they want more. Wherever you stand on the Laura and Aladin pregnancy story, someone got something to say about it. In fact, things revved up after a Live where Evelin actually told cast members to "F-Off" for not standing by Laura, TV Shows Ace noted.

Of course, it all started with Laura's post about her "muffin in the oven." I reported on that: "And btw we have a muffin in the oven!" Well, that's easy to interpret, but actually they literally could have real edible muffins in the oven." Later, TV Shows Ace reported that Christy Olsen of 90 Day Fiance News spoke to Laura after it emerged she wasn't pregnant after all.

On the "AfterBuzz Reality TV" Channel on YouTube, Laura claimed she had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby.

Laura pregnant, '90 Day Fiance' co-star Deavan Clegg weighs in on proving lies

Deavan Clegg, now in Korea with Jihoon and her baby also stars in "90 Day Fiance." Blogger and 90 Day guru, John Yates reposted a shot of Laura's latest Live claiming her pregnancy.

He also screenshot what Deavan said about it. In the post, Deavan's comment reads, "She wants screenshots of proof she lied?" Adding, "Oh, I have them, but I was respecting a particular cast member by not posting them."

Deavan continued, noting, "She flat-out lied, she straight said she would make it up." Next, she added that it was "to get the heat off the other cast members," adding that Lauran wanted the rest of the "cast to go with it." Well, so far that sounds rather obscure, but Deavan elaborated further.

She says that she "knows the time line." To her, the "timing" doesn't make sense as she would have "been far along...and in critical condition in a hospital."

Deavan later shut down further convos about #LauraGate

Many "90 Day Fiance" fans got talking about ectopic pregnancy on John Yates' post. Some fans who suffered it agreed the timeline seemed a bit off. Mostly they related how they bled severy, had surgery, and it took months to get over the experience. However, from a pregnancy announcement to hitting the Tell-All filming, to having an ectopic pregnancy and heading off to Ecuador to commiserate with Evelin from the show, only took a matter of days.

Later, Deavan joined the conversation. It came after follower @onehoneycooler said, "We definitely need a @johnyates327tv & @deavanclegg live!!" Deavan responded, saying," I’m not going to speak on it further it’s just draining."

What do you think of the escalating denials and the hot tea being spilled by Deavan Clegg about #LauraGate?

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