''General Hospital'' (GH) two-week episodes from 23 September to 4 October ensure unexpected twists and turns. The rumors from Soap Dirt tell us that Shiloh will be close to his final farewell while Franco is in danger. Baldwin will be helped by Kim. On the other hand, Elizabeth, still in love with her husband, will try to do the same. Chase will bring someone in crisis to the hospital, who will it be? Carly will rush to the hospital, probably because of her difficult pregnancy. Olivia, on the other hand, will discover that Lulu has a new man.

'General Hospital' episodes from Monday to Wednesday 23-25 September: Shiloh towards a farewell

"GH" episodes broadcast on ABC of the first few days of the week focus on Shiloh Archer. As Soap Dirt writes, Peter will be assailed by several problems. While he will meet Dr. Finn with news about his mother, he will also have to keep Shiloh at bay, who has threatened him.

Shiloh will realize that he has to run for his life. We still don't know what will happen to Archer, but Coby Ryan McLaughlin's contract, as the actor playing Shiloh Archer himself said that he has been demolished. Probably, the head of the DoD will leave Port Charles after Jason delivers the money he asked for. Also, ''General Hospital'' rumors reveal that Detective Harrison will rush to the port.

Who's in danger, Stone or Sam?

'GH' Spoiler Thursday and Friday 26-27 September: Chase takes someone to the hospital

In the ''General Hospital'' weekend episodes, Willow and Michael will have a chance to meet. What will happen between them? Besides that, another meeting will have surprises. These are Nina Reeves and Sasha, who will have the opportunity to meet during lunch.

Meanwhile, Chase will run to the hospital with someone in serious condition. According to Soap Dirt, it could be Sam or Shiloh.

As we said, Coby Ryan McLaughlin's contract is over. It remains to be seen how Shiloh's character will come out. The death of the head of the DoD would be too simple a solution. Archer could take the money that Jason will bring him and run away, or someone will be able to capture him forever, maybe taking him to a psychiatric institution.

Carly rushes to the hospital and Olivia discovers that Lulu has a new man

Jason will say there's a dangerous situation at the port. Later, Carly will rush to the hospital. Again, we don't know the reason. Carly may have had complications during pregnancy since the doctors warned her of the child's serious condition. However, Carly could visit the mysterious person brought by Chase. Finally, Olivia will discover that Lulu has a new love, as told by the latest ''General Hospital'' rumors of the week. Stay tuned.