"90 Day Fiance" couple, Kalani and Asuelu share two little boys. They seem happy enough, and we see Asuelu often giggling and laughing on the show. Almost childlike, in some ways, fans think he's a bit immature. This weekend, I reported that Kalani held a poll about men not helping with either chores or paying the bills. Now, it seems Asuelu took exception to that as he blocked her on his Instagram.

Poll about '90 Day Fiance's' Asuelu and chores shared by Kalani

In the report on Blasting News, I noted, "Kalani dropped a hint that Asuelu lets her earn the income and do all the child-rearing and household chores." She also hinted she talked about her husband, as she said, "Unless said husband is in public or wants a selfie." Plus, she added, "Asking for my gottdamn self." I looked into that to see if it's customary among men from Samoa and concluded it's not totally the way it always works in his home country.

At the time, fans on Instagram threw a lot of the blame back on Kalani. In fact, very few "90 Day Fiance" stars get much sympathy when they marry outside their culture. Actually, while 70 percent of her followers agreed it's not right for a man not to contribute, they still never felt sorry for her. Some fans on Instagram think she's just "hanging her laundry" out there to rack up more followers and drama for the show.

Asuelu blocks Kalani, but he's now contributing more

It seems that Asuelu took the poll as a direct dig at him. In fact, he got so worked up about it, Kalani said that he blocked her. Well, the couple presumably lives in the same house, so it seems a bit pointless. Anyway, much like Evelin who complained when Corey blocked her, she got her message out to her man by getting other people to tell her side of the story.

This time, Kalani opted for the same tactics and "90 Day Fiance" blogger and social media influencer, John Yates passed on the message.

On her IG Stories John Yates shared, Kalani produced a card showing a witch. The card said, "If the witch ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Then in smaller text, Kalani wrote, "Update: My husband did a great job contributing today." She added, "I'm still blocked on social media, so be sure to congratulate him for me." Well, some fans wonder about the maturity levels of these two.

What are they - eight-years-old?

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' respond to Kalani and her message about being blocked

John Yates noted for fans that "Kalani reports that Asuelu has been contributing more but since he blocked her she can’t thank him." One commenter said, "Not smart to post ur personal sh*t in social media. duh will kill any relationship." Another noted, "This cr*p is so fake.

Way to try and pull ratings right before the new show lol. Now after the premiere things are naturally better." And one "90 Day Fiance" follower noted, "That's annoying and immature on her part lol."

What do you think about this domestic drama being shared online? First, we got Kalani moaning he doesn't contribute to earnings or chores. Now, do we need to know that Asuelu blocked her, but is doing better at contributing? Do you think it's all a bit childish as she could just chat to him herself?

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