The rumor mill for "The Bold and the Beautiful" is reporting that Thomas Forrester is about to go off the deep end again. He and his stepmother will have an argument where Brooke tells him to get out and leave his son behind. Ridge and Taylor's son will try to get even with the entire Logan family because of how they are treating him and may team up with Flo's mother, who wants Brooke out of the picture. It's not clear how Shauna and Thomas find their way to each other and discover their mutual enemy but their connection can only bring chaos and pain to all involved.

"Bridge" is hanging on by a thread and this may break them up for good.

Ridge and Brooke are in for trouble

A lot of drama is coming at Ridge and Brooke's marriage all at once and they may not be able to handle it. The baby switch, Thomas going over the cliff, Flo's betrayal and now Katie's collapse. "B&B" rumors say that Shauna will attempt to show her concern at the hospital but Brooke will tell her to get lost. Instead, she will continue her fantasy of dethroning her rival and becoming Mrs. Ridge Forrester. It has been speculated by Soap Hub that Flo will be the kidney donor for her cousins Katie and this will no doubt have Shauna feeling like she is the queen mom.

The Logan family would receive Flo's sacrifice, but that does not mean they will welcome her or her mother back into the fold.

Shauna is going to talk to Ridge as she is determined that he will one day be hers. Once she and Thomas team up, the "Bridge" marriage will be in for serious trouble. Ridge will not like his wife kicking his son out of the house and if rumors are correct, Liam and Hope will try to get custody of Douglas. All of this interference from the Logans will possibly send Ridge straight to Shauna's waiting arms.

"B&B" spoiler alerts don't yet reveal what joint venture Thomas and Shauna will cook up, but it will obviously be pretty devious.

Thomas may take over Forrester Creations

It has also been rumored that Ridge may give Thomas the CEO position at Forrester Creations, which will cause alarm for both Brooke and Steffy. This will also be uncomfortable for Liam and Hope.

Ridge will have a lot of people angry at him, and if he turns to Shauna she will be willing to get him into bed this time. All of this confusion will be going on while Katie's life is on the line, and if Flo is her donor, she could have complications, Brad Bell said the aftermath of the baby switch would not be concluded until November and it looks like "The Bold and the Beautiful" is pulling out all the stops.

Brooke has warned her husband about both Shauna and Thomas, but he has not really been listening. Ridge is setting himself up to be deceived by them both and could lose his wife in the process. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST. Be on the lookout for rumors and spoilers to keep updated in advance of upcoming storylines.