Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" reveal that life is going from bad to worse for Adam. He proposed to Sharon who saw right through his reasoning and he is about to be attacked by Billy and lose custody of Christian. Victor's namesake believed that with Michael in his back pocket, he was sure to win the case to have his son full time and believed that Sharon as his bride would seal the deal. He will find he is sadly mistaken, and that a mentally ill Billy is going to try to kill him. Victor pulled strings to obtain a restraining order but it's not yet known what happens to make the judge side with Nicholas.

Adam continues to have bad luck

Victor, Phyllis, and Michael all have told Adam to mend his ways. They each warned him that no good would come of his always being on the attack and seeking revenge. His good friend Jack told him much the same but these words of wisdom were not heeded. "Y&R" rumors say their words are about to come true in ways that hurt the prodigal Newman, physically as well as emotionally. Sharon already turned down his marriage proposal and he is reeling from that blow. This coming week, Billy will lose control of his sanity and attack his former brother in law.

The worst thing to happen is when Judge Sanders awards full custody of Christian to Nick. The last time they were in his chambers, both Newman men behaved so badly, that the judge gave Victoria charge of the little boy until he rendered a final decision.

Adam later decided on his own to announce to Christian that he is his biological father, which caused Nick to hit him in the face. Victor's youngest son believed he could use this against his brother but his father turned the tables on him.

Victor could be the reason Adam loses the custody battle

Last week rumors, for "The Young and the Restless," had Victor calling in some favors and being able to obtain a restraining order keeping Adam away from his son.

He obviously emphasized that his son could not be trusted when alone with his grandchild. Judge Sanders probably will not be in agreement with the manner in which Adam revealed the truth to Christian and this may play a part in his giving full custody to Nick. By the end of next week, Adam Newman will not have the girl, lost the fight to have full custody of his son, and may end up hospitalized if Billy's attack is brutal.

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